Tigers vs. Raiders, Summary and Goals of Liga MX Feminine.

Tigers. Defeated 2-1 Striped Tournament in the Royal Classic of Greta Mexico Apertura 2021 Day 12 Liga MX Women., Which was held at the University Stadium.

The thugs took the lead in just 5 minutes. Blue colored, Who beat Alexandria Goodness from the right shot in the area.

A shower of emotion between the Phillies and the Albizols.

Monterey matched the cards through 27 ‘. Rebecca Bernal, Who did not forgive Cecilia Santiago.

UANL team. He could have got up in the 32nd minute, but Goodness blocked the penalty taken by Katie Abad.

However, the Tigers won by 56 ‘. Greta Espinoza., Who took advantage of the fact that she was left alone in the area after a corner kick.

The Tigers displaced the Raidas.

With this result, In Aptora 2021, university students reached 21 units., With which he left behind the Albiazols, who were left with 20 points.



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