Time and channel on which they pass LIVE, Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

After the draw with Canada., Mexico Faces Honduras This Sunday, October 10, the fifth date of the Concacaf’s Octagonal Final is going to Qatar 2022.

Directed by Gerardo Martino. I will be local again. Aztec Stadium., Where the Catarochus lost 3-0 on their recent tour, which Russia was in the last hexagon in 2018.


Where do they broadcast live Mexico vs Honduras?

The Mexico vs. Honduras game will begin at 6:00 pm Central Mexico time and will be broadcast on TUDN, Azteca 7 and Las Estrellas.

That’s how Mexico and Honduras go to tie.

The tricolor is presented for the purpose in which it is located. Second place in the rankings With eight points, the same crop. United States, Which is beyond the scope of the better goal.

The national team is unbeaten in the qualifying round for the next World Cup with two victories (Jamaica and Costa Rica) and two even (Panama and Canada).

As part of this, the two colors are located in the last phase of the octagonal with three units, its output draws along it Canada (1-1), Saviour. (0-0) and Costa rica (0-0) and their defeat against the United States (4-1), so they still don’t know victory.

Deadline between Mexico and Honduras

The tricolor and the caterpillar looked at each other’s faces. Gold Cup quarter finals. On July 24, Martino led 3-0 with goals from Rogelio Finis Mori, Jonathan Dos Santos and Orbel Panda.



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