Todo inicia con… el emprudente consciente – Meczyki

Currently, the economic models in various countries in the world have been questioned on several occasions and new proposals are being made to have a better coexistence on the planet. The exploitation of natural resources and its consequences, like climate change, show us the urgency of taking action in the way of doing business.

Some experts propose solutions for this dilemma and propose models such as “conscientious capitalism”, where, regardless of the economic activity that we carry out, we seek a “superior purpose” with the aim of measuring each other. medir. . De la misma forma organização como el Sistema B buscan “crear un sistema económico inclusivo, equitativo y regenerativo para todas las personas y el Planeta”. En otras palabras, es United Nations Cambio de Mentalidad en donde la generación de utilitas no es el único end y sino solamente uno de los components en las organização.

Estos planteamientos son UN cúmulo de buenas intenciones, banning sin, ek la hora de querer llevarlos ek cabo de manera generalizada, no todos están dispositos a sumarse, ya sea por desconocimiento o simplemente porque estamos lo concentrado en nocentrado en importante logo.

En este punto es donde arises the need to count on the “emprendedores” of these practices that are those who identify an opportunity, are resilient and are willing to carry out actions to create and capture. But these elements are not sufficient, the center of conscious companies of the Tecnológico de Monterrey proposes to add “the purpose of creating economic, social and environmental value for the long term of society”.

In other words, we require conscious entrepreneurs who take on the challenge of carrying out a profound ethical reflection on the impact of their business model and on what we can do from our trench to leave a better environment for funerals. Evidently, it’s not a simple task and it involves additional effort like counting with tracking and establishing metrics to know if we’re on the right path.

Por otro lado, the entrepreneur does not refer only to the creation of companies, if no que hace referencia to todo el processo que esto lleva, como la detection de opportunidades, levantarse ante el fracaso, la obtena de resources, la obtena de resources, la a. entre otras también llamadas “habilidades blandas”. The fact of developing an entrepreneurial mentality gives us tools to overcome failures, to be willing to enter an unknown world, to get resources that we do not have yet and above all to materialize a dream in our society. If the majority of us take action to carry out initiatives and where the positive impact in the environment is part of our main purpose. Sin duda, es un gran reto, pero con grandes compendias.

Las nuevas generations of consumers have the “de preoccupation por el entorno” mentality, their consumption tendencies are rewarded with loyalty to the brand and sometimes, they are willing to pay a little more to contribute to the brand and a little more to contribute to the brand. otemestorgosque , Por contributer. también se ha observado en algunos estudios que el compromise y el sentido de tenenencia de los collaboradores en las empresas consientes SE incrementa al implementar estas actions. Entonces ¿Qué estamos esperando? más próspera.

Moisés Carbajal Marrón

El Dr. Moisés Carbajal es Director Regional del Instituto de Emprendimiento Eugenio Garza Lagüera del Tecnológico de Monterrey. In his professional career, he has participated as a mentor, consultant and advisor for startups, conference and professor in business topics.