Top 5 predictions for Premier League KGW4.

Three match days have passed in the 2021-22 Premier League campaign and the points table is slowly starting to take shape. Guided by Nono Esprito Santo. Tottenham Hotspur. Win three games at most in the Premier League. With a perfect record of nine points, he sits at the top of the table. Second. West Ham United. He has made a great start to his first three Premier League matches of the season, recording two wins and one draw.

Defending champions Manchester City have scored six points so far, while their cross-town rivals Manchester United have scored seven. Chelsea and Liverpool have seven points and are fourth and fifth respectively. Arsenal, on the other hand, have not yet opened an account and are sitting under a barrel.

There are more interesting fixtures in the fourth game week of the English Premier League, which can have a significant impact on the league table. Today, we’ll give you a list of the top five things that can happen over the weekend.

# 5 Ferran Torres and Jamie Verdi will compete as Leicester hosts Manchester City.

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League.
Manchester City v Arsenal – Premier League.

Defending champion. Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur began their Premier League campaign with an unexpected defeat. After losing by less than 1-0, they made a strong comeback in the next two matches. Ferran Torres, who was added to the Manchester City roster in the summer of 2021, took part in both victories.

Torres was not on the score sheet in the 5-0 win over Norwich City, but he was an important part of the puzzle. Against Arsenal, he scored two goals and one assist, emerging as one of the best players in the city. On Saturday, Torres and Manchester City will travel to Leicester, where Jamie Verdi ruled the most.

Guardiola believes Torres has features similar to Verdi’s, and it will be interesting to see who takes the cake on Saturday. Verdi has scored eight Premier League goals in 14 games against Manchester City in the last five years.

# 4 Chelsea will return to winning ways against Austin Villa.

Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League
Arsenal v Chelsea – Premier League

Chelsea And when the two met on the third match day of the Premier League, Liverpool had to give awards. After Kai Hortz’s header in the first half, the Blues were in a position to steal more points, but Mohammad Salah’s penalty denied him more points at Anfield. Even more disappointing is the fact that Race James saw the red inside the area to handle the ball, which resulted in Salah being fined.

Austin Villa, their opponents have scored four points in their three Premier League matches over the weekend. His draw with newcomer Brent Ford on the third matchday was not comfortable and Villa are likely to struggle against the European champions. Chelsea are the big favorites for this week’s match and they should get maximum points at Stamford Bridge.


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