Top 5 Ways to Get Free Diamonds at Gerina Freefire After 4th Anniversary Update

Freefire developers are constantly adding new and special items, such as apparel, skins and more. Diamonds, Currency in the game, players need if they want to buy them.

However, it’s not free, and gamers have to pay real money if they want to get diamonds. Spending money on a game is unlikely for most players, so they look for alternative ways to earn it. Free fire Diamonds for free

Best Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Freefire After OB29 Update (4th Anniversary)

1) Google Feedback Rewards

Google Open Rewards is the best way to get free fire diamonds at no cost. After completing a short and straightforward survey, gamers are awarded play credits on this application.

Players can use these credits to purchase in-game currency from the Freefire Top-Up Center. They can also keep an eye on super air drops, which gives them a significant discount on diamonds.

2) Gifts

Gifts on YouTube.
Gifts on YouTube.

Gaveways is another great way to give users the opportunity to earn this game currency. Typically, these are near certain pages on YouTubers and social media platforms.

They put freefire diamonds directly into the winners’ accounts. Although their victory is not certain, participation in the gift provides an opportunity.

3) “Boyah!” Application

“Smell!” Players can also use the application (via Photo Play Store)

Hosted many events “Boyah!” Application free fire diamonds are often one of them.

For example, the “Watch to Win” event offers participants rewards for watching videos / streams for a specific amount of time. There are also other events where players must post their videos and meet certain conditions to participate and be eligible to win free diamonds.

4) Swag box.

Swagbucks is one of the most used GPT sites (Photo via Swagbucks)
Swagbucks is one of the most used GPT sites (Photo via Swagbucks)

There are many GPT (GetPaidTo) websites available on the Internet, with Swagbucks being one of the most popular options. They are asked to complete applications such as installing applications, conducting quizzes and completing surveys.

After that, they can cash their earnings through the various methods offered on the website (depending on the user’s country).

Players can also use other websites, such as YSense and Prize Rebel.

5) Wrong game

Gamers can use Must Play. Application Get a chance to get free fire diamonds. In this application, players get units (points) for participating in games. The more games they play, the higher the number of points.

Different tones. Rewards And rewards like gift cards are available for redemption when users accumulate a certain number of points. The items they take back can be used to buy currency in the game.

In addition, players can try GPT applications such as Pool Pay and Easy Rewards.


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