Top 5 Weakest Enemy Crowds in Minecraft

Enemy mobs can be one of the scariest aspects of moneycraft. While Minecraft has a large number of crowds, there are only three different types of crowds: passive, neutral and antagonistic. Opposing mobs are the ones who will attack the players no matter what.

Every hostile mob has a different order, so some do more harm than others. The damage done to Minecraft players by the mob depends on the difficulty.

Overall, there are the weakest opposing crowds that Minecraft players can compete against.

The weakest enemy mob in Minecraft

5) Zombie / Husk / Zombie Village

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

It has many forms Zombie mob Minecraft, and most of them have such features.

Regular zombies, straw and zombie villagers have 10 hearts, like an athlete. This mob, depending on the mode of difficulty, can damage 1.25 – 2.25 hearts. Fortunately for athletes in good health, this is not a bad thing if the zombies have some success.

However, the surviving zombie mobs can be difficult to fight against because of their small hit boxes and fast movements.

4) Skeleton

Image courtesy of PC Gameme N.
Image courtesy of PC Gameme N.

Skeleton Another classic is Minecraft Crowd. Like athletes, skeletons have hearts.

Because skeletons fight using bows and arrows, the damage they can do always depends on the proximity and range of a player. Skeletons have a chance to .5.

3) Mud

Photo by Monkey Monkey on YouTube
Photo by Monkey Monkey on YouTube

Mud Dynamic minecraft are crowds that come in different sizes. The size of a ketchup determines the extent of its health, as well as the extent of the potential damage.

The largest can have up to 8 hearts of raw health, but smaller slums have only half a heart. In severe mode, the greatest damage can be caused by a large sludge of 3 hearts, but small sludge is so weak that it does no harm. Therefore, sometimes the mudflats may be stronger than the other opposing mobs, but most of the time, they are particularly weaker than the rest.

2) Inderrite

Image via Moneycraft
Image via Moneycraft

A rare minecraft mob is among the weakest. Andritis Only spawn under certain conditions, and even less likely to spawn.

When they spin, though, the endometrium has only 4 hearts. When they attack players, they can damage about 1 – 1.5 hearts. Players should be relatively easy to compete when they join these small purple crowds.

1) Silver fish

Image courtesy of Sportskida
Image courtesy of Sportskida

While it can be frustrating to deal with silverfish in a minicraft, they are actually one of the weakest opposing mobs.

Silverfish have only 4 hearts and can damage only 5.1 hearts with each hit. This is significantly less than any other mob attack.

Of course, most of the time, silver fish will be born in groups. This can result in multiple attacks as a whole and maximum damage as a whole. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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