Torreón Public Security intensifies surveillance at strategic points, El Siglo de Torreón

The Torreón Municipal Public Safety Directorate (DSPM) reported this week that surveillance measures have been intensified at strategic points in the city, given this season of Christmas bonuses and shopping in malls.

It was detailed that there will be a large number of patrols in commercial areas, gastronomic corridors, banking institutions, pawnshops, ATMs, self-service stores, liquor stores and so on.

The goal is to prevent possible robberies in vehicles, pedestrians and directly in the store, as there is traditionally a greater flow of cash and valuables, in connection with the delivery of Christmas bonuses in companies and the resulting purchases Christmas.

In that sense, the head of the company, Manuel José Pineda Rangel, urged the public to report any suspicious activity or crime to the Torreón police immediate number, which is 871-729-0099 and is available 24 hours a day. day. hours a day. The reporting line via WhatsApp is also open on the number 871-409-4965, in the same way with permanent attention.

The municipality itself encourages the population to cooperate in crime prevention activities this season with various daily actions. It is urged to avoid showing cash on public roads and to seek discretion with valuables; privilege the use of credit or debit cards, as well as electronic transfers; go together and if possible to ATMs; pay attention to the environment to avoid contact with potential criminals; do not leave electronic devices inside vehicles and in clear view; in addition to not disclosing more information about personal trips to outsiders and in case you are responsible for collecting any amounts in cash.

Especially in the Centro de Torreón sector, pairs of police officers will be deployed, either on foot, by bicycle or in motor vehicles; In the large department store chains’ shopping centers and parking spaces, there will be a presence at key times, as well as at the main entrances to banks and restaurants.


Apuesta la Policía de Torreón por una mayor vigilancia en esta recta final de 2021.

* Buscan evitar repuntes en atracos ante las entregas de aguinaldos a los trabajadores.

*Habrá mayores rondines en bancos, restaurantes, tiendas de autoservicio y centros comerciales de todo el municipio.

*Piden a la ciudadanía que apoyen manteniendo un manejo discreto del efectivo, así como evitando dejar objetos de valor a la vista en los vehículos.

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