Track Long March 5B Debris Live

Debris from an out-of-control Chinese rocket is expected to crash to Earth later this week. Although the risk is low, it is possible that parts of the rocket could hit populated areas – but experts will not know where it will hit for several days. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What is happening? A giant Chinese rocket named Long March 5B is in the process of crashing to Earth.
  • What was the Long March 5B doing in space? It was carrying the Ventian Lab module to China’s private space station, which is currently under construction.
  • How big is the Long March 5B rocket? according to Reuters, This is a big one. And it is also China’s most powerful. The rocket’s main core stage, which is the part that’s facing back toward Earth when it reads, is 100 feet long and weighs 22 tons (about 44,000 pounds).
  • Why is it falling to earth? This is space debris from the rocket’s July 24 launch. Earth’s gravity is holding onto that debris and pulling it back home.
  • Wouldn’t the Earth’s atmosphere burn up the rocket upon re-entry? It would help break it up, but the rocket is big enough that parts of it would go through it.
  • Where will the Long March 5B rocket land? That’s the point – no one knows yet, and we won’t until the rocket gets close to crashing into the planet. But experts believe the rocket will come down in parts and land in an area that is 44 miles wide by 1,240 miles wide. Yet they won’t know where they are until a few hours before they hit.
  • What are the chances of someone getting hit by a falling rocket? Would like more than experts. Reuters says the difference is between one in 1,000 and one in 230. The internationally accepted risk limit is usually one in 10,000.
  • what are the possibilities Me Getting hit by a falling rocket? While the chance of a person on Earth being hit by a falling rocket is equal to one in 230, you can read it hitting a rocket is 6 in 10 trillion.
  • Still I am worried. How can I track a rocket? Aerospace Corporation has a page dedicated to tracking a falling rocket here, Currently, its latest prediction is that the rocket will collide sometime on July 31, 2022, at 00:24 UTC ± 16 hours. You can also track the fall of rocket by following @SpaceTrackOrg Twitter Accountor on home page Space Track website.

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