‘Tragic’ man scorches pregnant partner with kettle of boiling water

A man with a “tragic” side of his nature subjected his pregnant partner to a campaign of abuse, including pouring a kettle of boiling water over her hand, a court has heard. Benjamin Price carried out a series of prolonged attacks on the woman, leaving her feeling exhausted and like the “shell” of the person she used to be.

Swansea Crown Court heard Price bit his partner in the face over the span of four months, slapping her, pushing her, threatening to rape her, and scorching her arm with hot water. On several occasions he would grab her by the neck of a bear from behind, drag her to the floor and roar “like an animal” in her ear. He blamed the woman for behaving like him during the abuse, and told her that he loved her.

At the time the respondent attacked his accomplice, he was out on bail and was being investigated for attacking a person on the street with an axe. Imposing an extended sentence on the 30-year-old defendant, a judge said Price had “one of the most uncontrollable anger” he had ever come across during his time in law, and there was no doubt that he High risk was taken which is causing serious harm to the people.

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The court heard that on June 15, 2020, a “very angry” Price attacked a man in the middle of the neth with an axe, pointed a weapon at his victim’s head and inflicted a bloody wound on his ear, which was permanent. was injured and deformed. The defendant then hid the weapon in the garden shed of a former partner’s parents. Price was arrested in connection with the attack and released on bail.

Prosecutors Ashanti-Jade Walton said the following February, while investigating the Neath attack, the defendant began a new relationship and quickly moved into the woman’s flat in Briton Ferry. In May of that year the woman learned she was pregnant, and that same month Price made his first attack on the woman, slamming her to the floor where he hit his head and lost consciousness.

In the months that followed, the defendant subjected the woman to a series of further attacks, two of which included biting her in the face as well as dragging her by the hair, stamping her feet, slamming her face into a corner. was. The door frame of the bed, dragging his fingers to her eyes, and slapping her face.

On several occasions the defendant grabbed the woman from behind in the “bear’s neck” and carried her to the floor with a “beast-like” roar in her ear. The court heard that he verbally abused and humiliated his victim and threatened to rape her, while also stating that he loved her and wanted to marry her. He repeatedly told her that he was to blame for the way he was behaving. The prosecutor said the victim sought medical help for her injuries on several occasions, but was afraid to tell doctors what really happened. Price also broke his phone and damaged his car when he tried to leave her.

The matter came to light on September 6, 2021, when the couple was making a cup of tea in the kitchen of their flat. Price begins an argument with her now heavily pregnant partner, before grabbing the kettle and pouring hot water on her hand. As he did so, the defendant told him: “You make me for this… you are the reason my mental health is so bad”. The court heard that the woman had gone to a local pharmacy for help, where the gel and dressing were applied at a scaled 10 cm by 10 cm.

Price was arrested and interviewed the following week and charged with all assault charges. He denied being responsible for any of them, in one instance blaming a puppy for causing the scratch and saying that as far as the burns were concerned, the woman had poured water on herself.

The victim of the defendant’s violence said in an impact statement read to the court that she felt worthless, emotionally drained, and the “shell” of the woman she used to be.

Benjamin Blue Price, formerly of Harley Street, Neth, but now Kei Morpha, Skaven, Neth, was previously convicted of causing grievous bodily harm – ax assault – at trial and five counts of assault by causing actual bodily harm. was convicted in (ABH) and in two cases of criminal damages when he appeared before the court for sentencing. He has last nine convictions for 14 offences, including ABH and battery. In 2020 he was jailed for threatening to “slit the throat” of a woman and abusing a police officer following a driving dispute.

Ian Ibrahim for Price stated that his client had witnessed domestic violence while growing up and had lost his father at an early age, and that he had later received counseling for abandonment issues. He said the father of four had worked a variety of jobs, including teaching assistant and delivery driver, and also ran his own gardening business.

Judge Paul Thomas QC – who previously presided over the ax trial – said the incident was “a vicious, unprovoked assault in a public place” that left its victim with a lasting scar, and an attack that required Price had shown no remorse. He said that during the investigation of that case the respondent had launched a “continuous campaign of domestic violence” on his pregnant partner. He told Price that he had “one of the most uncontrollable anger” of any defendant he had seen in his time as a barrister and judge, and a “tragic” trait to him. Offensive. The judge said it was clear from what he had seen and heard about the defendant and read about him in pre-sentence and psychotic reports that he took “extreme risk” of harming others.

Price was given a total extended sentence of 14 years which included a total of four years in custody in cases of domestic violence and criminal damage, and 10 consecutive extended sentences as a dangerous felon for ax attack which included six years in custody. was involved. License period of four years.

If you or someone you know has been affected by domestic abuse, visit live fearless website or call the helpline on 0808 80 10 800.

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