Train Strike Union Leader Mick Lynch’s Six Most Brutal Putdowns

If there’s one person we’ve become accustomed to seeing and hearing on our TVs and radios this week, it’s Mick Lynch. Mr Lynch, general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), appears in the media because of the strike.

Certainly they have faced some daunting questions, but the union leader at the helm of the biggest walkout in the industry for 30 years has become a social media sensation with the brutal expulsion of their interviewers. Clips have been circulating the internet of Mr Lynch “handing over his ass to people”, with his quick-return fast-tracking him to “national treasure status”.

The 60-year-old spokesperson, who has jumped from network to network, has remained remarkably calm as he shrugged off the false claims and tried to quash them. Here are some of our favorite putdowns so far.

Mick Lynch vs Piers Morgan

Instead of addressing the real issues, Piers Morgan attempted to trick Mr. Lynch by discussing his choice of Facebook profile picture – The Hood from the Thunderbirds. “I’m just wondering where the comparison goes because he was clearly a rogue criminal terrorist mastermind who was described as the most dangerous man in the world,” Pierce suggested.

“She’s the most evil vinyl puppet in the world,” replied Mick. “Is this the standard of journalism these days?”

Pierce, increasingly rattled, attempted to play up the narrative, asking why Mick would use such a bad person as an analogy. “I think it’s funny enough,” Mick replied, noting the resemblance in his appearance before checking whether Pierce wanted to ask any real questions about the strike.

mick Lynch vs. K. Burley

Presenter Kay Burley on Sky News asked the RMT secretary, “What if? [strikers do] If agency workers try to cross those picket lines?” Mr. Lynch replied with a slight smile: “Well we’ll pick them up – what do you think we’ll do? We run a picket line and we’ll tell them not to go to work. Don’t you know how the picket line works?”

Kay attempted to suppress the line of inquiry, stating that the RMT picket line could be as tense as miners’ attacks in the 1980s. Mr. Lynch looked at a quiet picket line behind them and asked: “Does this look like a miners’ strike? What are you talking about? It’s like you’ve walked into a world that isn’t real.” Is.”

mick Lynch vs Richard Madley

Jumping to the beginning of the interview, Richard Madley asks: “Are you a Marxist or not? Because if you are a Marxist you are in the revolution and in bringing down capitalism. So are you or not?”

With his dainty smile that has become a signature sign, Mr. Lynch is all set to come up with yet another great one-liner. He laughs: “Richard, you come across with the most remarkable tweeds ever.”

mick lynch vs chris phillip

Mr. Lynch can’t wait to respond with his witty one-liner in a Newsnight interview between Conservative Chris Phillips and the RMT secretary. Instead, he constantly calls out to the MP, saying: “This is a lie, this is a lie, a plain lie.” He then continued to elaborate on each lie told by the MP and how it was a lie.

mick Lynch vs Jonathan Gullis

BBC Politics Live Tory MP Jonathan Gullis said Mr Lynch was “undermining” the rail network. He also said that Mr Lynch should apologize to “the doctors and nurses who can’t go to the hospital, the patients who can’t get their operations done, the kids who will miss out on their education today, but also to the veterans of those armed forces.” Those who took the risk. The lives of those who will not be able to celebrate Armed Forces Day on Saturday for our freedom.” When Mr. Lynch was asked if he would like to apologize for those things, he replied: “Well, I guess Jonathan should apologize for the nonsense. None of this is true.”

mick Lynch vs Baroness Jenny Chapman

Minister of State for Labor Shadow Cabinet Jenny Chapman was speaking on BBC Politics Live about the involvement of politicians on picket lines when she fell victim to Mr Lynch’s scathing remarks. She said: “It is up to an individual Labor MP what they do[…] Keir Starmer clarified that it was not helpful for us to be on the picket line for the shadow cabinet and he is absolutely right.”

Mr Lynch highlighted that the Labor Party was founded by trade unions, but said since the Blair era, “Labour politicians have not identified with the working class people and failing to do so has led them to There is a problem in working class communities”.

He continued: “The Labor Party is about supporting the working class people or it should be[…] He has to sort out his identity.” He welcomed anyone who wanted to join him on the picket line and support him.

His words struck a nerve with Baroness Chapman, who said, “You know nothing about my background or my community or where I come from.” To her surprise, Mr. Lynch agreed, saying: “I don’t even know who you are.” He continued: “I didn’t tell you that you didn’t belong to the working class. I don’t even know your name.” Ouch.

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