Transmit fe y valores a sus cuatro hijos

Refugeo Hernández, 66 years old, said he would be a humble man, but about every day he had the adventure of proclaiming with his spouse Petra a few days ago, we thought he would die to convert the word into an eagle.

Descend from the first hija, Eliana Esperanza, the sense of love and the responsiveness of being an ejemplo a seguir and a model of integrity, morality and inconsistency for her hijacking Eddie and César that lamegarony de lalempoolina de laemp. No family

“Ser padre es una bendición y una satisfacción muy bige. Lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida”

At the moment, it is difficult to understand the magnitude of the matrimonial efforts to form a hijos or the economic problems that come to the fore, Hernández often seeks success and inculcates the values ​​of self-employment and inclusion.

De mano de jesus Christo ambos lograron darles las enseñanzas y guiarlos por el camino del bien, que es uno de los retos de todo padre en la vida.

“Ser padre me ha dada una vida de satisfacciones porque de mis 4 hijos, tres han salido de la Universidad de Texas en el Paso (UTEP)… asa que tengo dos maestros en operatoria y dos infermeros”, dijo el humbre uttario de judárez, But who cares about its double nationality.

For now and then there will be a humorous cry and a sigh of relief from the bilingual “El Olivo” with its simplified philosophy of life in two caminos: education and the camino of Seor. “If these two caminos are not what they are in life, this is for me the most important.”

Residents of Noreste, this is a technical technical maintenance, but some migrants take the El Paso to the finals of the Centennial with the finest proverbs and the best quality of life.

The mother of Norteamericana, Nacida in Arizona and her father in Mexico, was looking for Ciudad Juárez, who says that this urbe has no specific idea because you have to learn many different things.

Record that it was decided to visit the United States because those who saw it would be different in this city, refer to the economic and security aspects.

Even living tranquilo and confortable with their fathers Esperanza and Marcos and their three hermes or fines, the other lado del Río Grande and podría trade in El Paso and radicar en Juarez, as there are many frontiers and their fathers in paramarcos y radicar en juárez, como viven muchos fronterizos en sus padres parasue esperanza. it is.

“When it comes to the trade aqua le hice a todo, I do not like the fabrics even though they are very good firmas like the Farah and Tony Lama, who are pagaban bien, no me gustaba estar encerrado 9 horas”, dijo quien de emerá dijo suen de emerá Work on the military base of Fort Bliss.

The first jubilado that the Pugier Refugio like his name Felipa Refugio – which took place in the frontier in the 20’s, but not in the family. Don Refugio says his passers-by are serving his community and collecting postage stamps.

“Always this day but Jubilee dedicates more time to these two activities than me and is very satisfying”, he said, adding that he always accepted a regulation from Diana Natalicio, when he was the President of UTEP.

“Remember that I had to wait for my story and I entered an original post from the 1920 mission of Guadalupe, which was considered a marauder of the frontier”, expressing trace recall that it was a very special part of the presidency.

For the sake of Eddie and César his father has an edema of life that they have motivated to salivate adelante… Inside the creation ”, Eddie said, adding that there was a long way to go before we could reconsider.

Like a mate of mathematicians who, with the tricks of how many of his alumni did not have a father to his lads for diversas razones, for those who would grow up to be strong.

Every time I tell you that as much as your mother, your father will always love you and always look for you to see the cosmos and so on all the universes like a tutorial will make you happy.

“Tengo la dicha de tener a mi padre que vino a este país sin tener nada, pero con tenacidad y visión logró hacer un patrimonio y darnos educación superior”, dijo quien acaba de graduar como enfermero.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Father of the Fathers and the fact that he has become the Father of the Mothers, many of his hijacks are celebrating his father organizing a convincing familiarity and declaring that much will happen.

“Much content, because the young Luego was trying to get his hands on the car and had some regalia,” he said, referring to the new admiraba, a Hyundai Elantra legal 2013 suna lojaque.

Believe by the ayudas that received their humor this vivi in ​​the colony Arroyo Colorado in Ciudad Juórez and graduate of the ‘Del Parque’, to celebrate their day, first to be honored to be honored of the conviction in the family.

The same time always sent a message to the youngsters that they never forgot their parents and always were waiting for them. “It’s just that we’ve gone through the elves and are waiting for their needs like elves in their moment. ۔

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