Trevor Bauer’s weather during the rape investigation

Trevor Bauer’s season is over.

Of Los Angeles Dodgers.Star Patcher will miss the rest of the 2021 MLB season and post-season while the league and the Pasadena Police Department investigate allegations of sexual assault.

Bauer co-agents John Fetterfold and Rachel Luba confirmed the news in a statement Friday.

“Today, Mr. Bauer agreed in good faith to extend his administrative leave through the playoffs and to try to reduce any inconvenience to the Dodgers organization and its affiliates. He continues to support the MLB investigation.” And denies baseless allegations against him.

Bauer has been on extended administrative leave from the Dodgers since July 2, when a 27-year-old San Diego woman accused him of knocking her unconscious and repeatedly punching her. Two sexual encounters.

The ruling NL Sai Young winner has denied the allegations, and his lawyer has maintained two sexual encounters between the MLB player and the two. Accuser Agreed

Trevor Bauer in the beginning against the giants.
Trevor Bauer in the beginning against the giants.
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Of Allegations of sexual abuse In late June, Bauer’s accusers made public a request for a restraining order against the MLB All-Star.

Last month, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge. Decided in favor of Bauer. And refused to order the accuser to stop – which was temporary against the former Bauer. The decision came after a four-day hearing.

Bauer is at the moment. The first year of a three-year, 102 million contract. With dodgers.


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