Trump-backed PA Senate candidate Parnell resigns after losing petition over allegations of abuse

Shortly after the court’s findings, Parnell announced that he was releasing his bid in the Senate, according to Washington Post. Parnell had been considered the leader of the Republican field in the race to replace the outgoing Republican senator. Pat Toomey. (On the Democratic side, current Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb are among the hopefuls.) Parnell’s resignation opens up the Republican field to a host of lesser-known candidates, as well as potential entry into Fox News’ “personality” Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The four-year custody dispute between Parnellwho Donald Trump wholeheartedly supported as the kind of man he would like to represent Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth in the U.S. Senateand Parnell’s ex-wife, Laurie Snell, came to a quick end today, with a Common Pleas judge expressing a weak view of Parnell’s ability to tell the truth:

“Laurie Snell was the most credible witness and she can truthfully provide regular status reports to Sean Parnell and, if necessary, to the court,” wrote Butler County Senior Common Pleas Judge James Arner. He was granted sole legal custody and primary physical custody to Snell, with partial physical custody to Parnell some weekends each month.

In case of any doubt, the judge especially noted: “When weighing your position against Laurie Snell’s statements on detailed facts about many incidents, Sean Parell’s position is less credible.”

In the order, Arner told of the abuse Snell had alleged: Parnell threw chairs at her, dropped her off at the side of a highway when she was six months pregnant and told her to have an abortion, tried to strangle her and beat the children.

As reported by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, apparently some of the allegations Arner found were credible.

On several occasions during the three-day hearing, lawyers for both sides drilled into the details of two specific charges by Snell. One where Mr. Parnell slammed a closet door so hard that it flew into their child’s face and left a bruise, and another that he once hit one of their children hard enough to leave fingerprint-shaped rollers on the child’s back through his t-shirt.

When asked about the alleged incident with the closet door, Mr. Parnell it as an accident and that his son’s head jumped around the closet door when he was about to switch to the gym. His reaction scared the baby, said Mr. Parnell and his son pulled his head back and slammed it against the door. Accusations that it was the result of an angry blow could “not be further from the truth”, testified Mr. Parnell.

As for the alleged bang incident, when a photograph was shown depicting his son’s bare back with fingerprint sizes taken shortly thereafter, Parnell vehemently denied that the photograph depicted his child’s back. But apparently the court did not find it credible either.

As pointed out by Riga, Parnell was just “one of several Republican Senate candidates accused of violence or threats during this cycle, a list that also includes Herschel Walker of Georgia and former governor. Eric Greitens of Missouri.” With a register of beatings, abuse and misogynistic statements, all now seemingly established, Parnell had fallen in love with a Republican party that for the past five years has tried to conform as closely as possible to Donald Trump’s values.

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