Trump’s obsession with Michael Favre following an FBI investigation into campaign finances.

The heat has been on the finances of the Fever campaign since last year. I March And April, Review Journal. Fayer reportedly disclosed new, large “debts” to his Political Action Committee and his campaign. So far, the قرض 60,000 loan is not known to be illegal. When Fayre made these moves and then modified his reporting, red flags were raised for some people. But like his hero, Donald Trump, Favre looks the same. Share his interest in transferring suspicious money.

Records show that he has used political funds for personal expenses and has spent thousands of dollars on his business and the planning events company run by his daughter.

Fawcett’s political ambitions are high, and the movement of money is not good enough to move his circle forward. That being said, Favre has a history of saying really ignorant things as claimed. Cancer is a fungus that can be repelled with baking soda.And constantly. The foot of racism in his mouth Proponents of the gun, supporters of the police, trying to advance a larger anti-government agenda, its current and future circles are somehow in a bad place.

Author: Meczyki

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