Truss and Sunak perform at the first official auction with members of the Tories

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak faced criticism from voters during the first official clashes with Tory members in Leeds.

Candidates were polled separately across a wide range of policy areas as well as their predictions for the women’s Euro 2022 final as they sought to draw northern voters in the race for 10th place.

It was the first of 12 sessions in which party supporters across the country questioned the final two challengers before voting for the next Tory leader and prime minister closes on 2 September.

Organized by LBC’s Nick Ferrari, the event took place in Leeds where Ms Truss kicked off capitalizing on her Yorkshire roots.

Referring to her upbringing in the city, she said it was “fantastic” to be in her “old hideout”, adding that she hoped none of her former teachers were in the classroom.

Ms Truss said she received “hardness, determination and frankness” from Yorkshire and that’s what Downing Street needs as “we are facing a huge global economic crisis”.

The Foreign Secretary also mentioned her move to Norfolk, where her constituency is located, and her becoming a fan of Norwich City Football Club.

She said: “I want us to capture the spirit of Don Revie” – the former manager of Leeds United and England – because “we need to win.”

“And my friends, we can beat Keir Starmer, the patronizing plastic patriot,” she added.

Former Chancellor Sunak said he was “spend the best time of my life” campaigning for the top job.

He proposed the creation of a “cartel of buyers” where “everyone will agree to pay a fixed amount for Russian energy” in order to deprive Moscow of “the revenue that finances its military operations.”

“If we can create a cartel of buyers in the world, where everyone agrees to pay a fixed amount for Russian energy, and enforce this through secondary sanctions, which we have been working on, this would be a way to make sure that we get the energy we need at much better prices. prices for us and deprive Russia of the income that finances its military operations,” he said.

Ms Truss told the hooligans that she would bring back the whips’ office at 12 Downing Street.

She also insisted that “single-sex spaces must be protected”, especially for young people.

Addressing Ms. Truss, the audience member called for a policy that ensures that girls can go to the toilet in a safe environment at any school in the country.

The Foreign Minister replied: “I completely agree with you. I was trying to make it clear that as Minister of Women’s Affairs, I have made it very clear that places for same-sex sex should be protected, especially for young people, as well as … vulnerable women, for example, in domestic violence shelters.

“And I can assure you, as prime minister, I will have it happen because our girls need… it’s a tough time being a teenager, a young girl, and you should be able to have the privacy you need in your own closet. So I agree with you 100% and I would do it.”


Host Nick Ferrari (left) hosts a quiz show with Conservative leader candidate Rishi Sunak at a hunting event on Elland Road in Leeds. (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Meanwhile, part of the Tory election audience cheered when the host mentioned support for Boris Johnson’s inclusion on the ballot.

Truss campaign spokesperson said: “Today’s auction showed why Liz is the right person to lead our party and country.

“She has a bold and ambitious plan for Britain. It will unlock the full potential of our great country and stand up for people who work hard and do the right thing.

“Liz can be trusted to drive Brexit, the economy and defend freedom at home and abroad.”