Try the ‘3-R’ Sleep Ritual to Help Combat the Dreaded Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Picture this: You’ve spent a long day at work. As soon as you’re logged off, your child comes to you for help with their homework. Then it’s dinner time. and clean the dishes. And taking the dog for a walk. And before you know it, it’s 10 o’clock at night.

if you work high tension A job, and especially if you’re a parent, can make it seem like a normal day in life. Looks exactly like me. In fact, a study The Daily Lives of Working Parents found that, when out of work and parenting duties, parents have just 32 minutes of “me time” each day.

where is it change sleeping delay With so little control over our day, we tend to delay sleep to get some of it back – mindlessly scrolling our feeds, pressing ‘next episode’, or making one last cup of tea. we know we will regret it in the morning. But we do it anyway.

How can we escape this toxic cycle? easy. Find ways to feel in control throughout the day. This way:

Reward: Use your profit-oriented brain to your advantage

One of the most fundamental sources of human inspiration reward system in the brain. It leads us to the pleasant and takes us away from the unhappiness.

To Feel More In Control, Trick Your Brain By Adding ‘Stops’ to Your Day trigger your reward system,

For every hour of work, schedule a 10-minute self-care break. Not only will the quality of your work improve in that hour (since your brain is more motivated, knowing that a reward is just around the corner) but consequential perceived control will be more and more on your schedule sense of satisfaction about your day.

Result? Less need to procrastinate at the end of your day

Reset: We’re prone to distraction, so take advantage of it.

The default position of man is distracting, a study The study conducted on 2,250 adults showed that for 37 percent of our waking hours, our minds are wandering.

It’s also true that when we pick up our phones to scroll through social media at the end of a long day, we’re just short on work. impulse,

How can we use these two elements of human nature to put an end to the procrastination of revenge?

Before you pick up your phone at bedtime, set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes. Lie on your bed with your eyes closed. Chances are you’ll forget about the impulse to pick up your phone. You can even sleep!

Remind: Our memory stinks, remind yourself of what you’ve done

Every time we remember an event, our brain rebuild it differently, We fill in the blanks, borrow details from unrelated events, and inject a healthy dose of imagination into our memories.

This memory bias spoiled by us negativity bias, We remember the bad things that happened to us more clearly than we remember the good things. And when that happens, our feelings Run wild over perceived lack of control.

That’s why we unknowingly set ourselves up for a lot of night time delays.

Solution? Write down the work you have done. It’s fact-based proof of your achievements on any given day. When you look back on all the things you’ve done, you’ll realize achievement and control, And sleep better for it.

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