TUDN’s Paco Villa reveals how he fell in love and got married … his step-sister! (video)

The controversial sports presenter from TUDN, Paco Villa, talked about how the love relationship with Ethel Tame, his now wife, who is his step-sister, since his father married the girl’s mother.

City He said that after his father’s divorce, he got married Ethel Bazan, whose daughter is his current wife with whom he has been married for 25 years.

“After my father divorced, my father remarried to a woman, Ethel Bazán, whose daughter is Ethel Tame, now my wife, and the reality is that the years go by, we never live together, my father went to live with his daughters and us by our side “, expressed the columnist.

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The commentator emphasized that he never lived with Ethel in the same house they were only seen at family gatherings and trips.

“We had gone to the cinema as a group, of course we took trips to Cuernavaca together, together I mean the whole family, we spent every December, Christmas and New Year together, we eventually ate at family gatherings, I dared like El Borras”, he shared.

The columnist also shared the moment when he decided to inform his father about his relationship with his step-sister, which he did after attending a family wedding attended by the loving couple.

“The day after (family wedding) is when we say we have to talk and while I was talking to my dad, Ethel he talked to his mother and from there to the real one “, he remembered.


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