‘Turned into a pub’ by drunkards and drug addicts on Mosle bus stop road

A local councilor said that during the day, drunkards and drug addicts had taken over the bus stop in Mosul and were using it “like a pub”. Complaints of people taking drugs, getting drunk since 9am and abusing passers-by have made many locals “too scared” to use the number one bus stop.

Locals say problems have arisen on a daily basis since the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) banned drinking outside the Birmingham suburb. Even a sign advertising the Old Wine Restricted Zone, located next to the bus stop, is failing to stop a steady group of people from other parts of Birmingham who are reportedly sitting and drinking in Mosley Village. Are taken.

Some residents and visitors are said to be avoiding the walkthrough, called The Green, following several reports of outright anti-social behavior and some violent incidents. Ridley Russell set up a local street watch to deal with some issues around the busy center.

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He said: “There are regular complaints about people buying or taking drugs such as cannabis or spices, or drinking alcohol in public places and getting drunk from 9am. This is a daily occurrence. There have been large-scale offensive incidents as well.

“The expired PSPO has never been renewed. It is becoming a major issue to the extent that locals and visitors have been verbally abused and there have been fights.” Most of the people don’t live in Mosle village but come here. Drink and take drugs.

An area known as The Green in the Moseley Village Center
(Photo: Birmingham Live)

“It’s scary for people who actually want to use the bus stop there. It’s been going on from morning to night. It’s an ongoing battle.

“We also have trouble on market days – we have a monthly bazaar in Mosul which is very popular, but it is disturbing people and scaring people. Theft has also been a problem – Sainsbury’s real problem and now closed.

“I am the vice chair of the Mosul Forum and we receive a lot of complaints from residents about it. Many residents do not feel safe to move from one side of the Mosul to the other because of what is happening. They want to sit in the green and have a cup of coffee or enjoy the sun and they can’t because they are bothered by the screams of drunken people.

“Locals want action and they want it to be the same as it was. As police officers return to Mosley station, hopefully it will help the situation. Before anyone is seriously injured.” “

Birmingham City Councilor Easy Knowles is calling for the PSPO to be reinstated, and for CCTV to be installed at bus stops. He said: “For as long as I can remember, there has been a street drinking problem in Moselle, but this triangle is a regular place around St. Mary’s Row.

“There used to be an alcohol-free zone in the area and then it was abolished by the PSPO issued in 2017. Unfortunately, it was abolished in October 2020 during the epidemic and has not been renewed yet. This means that the police do not have any additional powers to deal with these issues at this time.

“There are some very bad examples of intimidation, fights, abuse, drug problems and some really unpleasant incidents, but most of the time the problem is that people feel scared. There are a few people who have taken over the number one bus stop. And using it like a pub.

“Although many of the people who gather here do not directly affect other people, it is especially problematic for the elderly or school children who are too scared to use the bus stop. Just sit in the shelter.

“I have been in touch with the safe travel team to try to install a camera at the bus stop as I think it will prevent drinkers from sitting on the road,” he said, adding that there were only three incidents. There are reports. I would urge residents and businesses to report any incidents so that there is a log of ongoing issues in the area. We really need to renew the PSPO. “

Birmingham City Council said talks were under way for a new PSPO. A spokesman said: “Negotiations are underway within the Southeast Local Partnership Delivery Group to prepare a new PSPO application for Mosley and Kings Heath.

“Evidence is being collected and updated as it is a requirement before any new application is submitted. Once sufficient new evidence has become available in support of the PSPO, timelines have been established for consultation and implementation. Will be done.

Sergeant Tom O’Keefe of the Moselle and Kings Heath Police Neighborhood Team added: “We are aware from time to time of the problems that may be caused by alcoholics in Central Moselle Village and the Kings Heath High Street area, and It affects the local population.

“We have applied to Birmingham City Council for a new PSPO in collaboration with our local councilors and we are awaiting the outcome. Legislation will be found.

“Meanwhile, our local team is in touch with the service providers and outreach services in the city. There are such as Community Protection Warnings (CPWs) and Community Protection Notices (CPNs) and of course dealing with any identified criminal offenses.

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