Twenty One Pilots och esperado regreso a México en el Corona Capital 2021

The second day of one of the festivals most acclaimed in Mexico stuvo lleno of energy and music incredible men ingen hay duda that the headliner of the night, the duo Twenty-two pilotss, was more desperate since it was announced that regressarian to pais one months back.

Las 22:40 era la hora pactada para que Josh Dun y Tyler Joseph hicieran act of presence in the main stage of the festival, without embarrassment since I opened the gates of Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez, the fanatics comenzaron a arribar al recinto.

Miles of girls and including dads accompanying their hot dogs to hope for “TOP”, since the first artist of his commencement to appear in this second day of activities in the Corona Capital 2021.

One of the main fan clubs, “Twenty One Pilots Mexico Click”, reunited with the fanatics for a group photo front in front of the fortune of Vans, because the colors of the duo’s different colors are also present here, resulting in black, yellow, blue and pink.

I missed a few hours for that Tyler y Josh salieran al scenenario, pero se notaba ya el enthusiasmo con que eran esperados. The show started at 18:10 Aurora and only two hours have passed Royal blood dio su presentation, fue in esos momento when the fans of “TOP” ya comenzaban a aglomerarse para tener un mejor lugar frente al scenario.

Between fires, salts and gritos, lie of that Royal Blood salary of the stage, quedaba a one hour with five minutes to hope for Twenty-two pilots and the others follow in the footsteps of such spectacular performances by previous artists.

Tan only a few minutes after the time of the pact and being hailed by his audience, Tyler Joseph y Josh Dun salieron al scenario con la canción que les dio el pequeño empujón a la fama, “Stressed” resonó en el Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez y miles of persona la corearon.

Then I saw a little mix of “Migraine”, “Morph” y “Hold on to you”, along with the vocabulary of the vocalist: “This is my favorite place in the world to talk”. I can also listen to one of his most popular topics, “Gentiles” and another of “Peeled and icy”, on his most recent album, El Kual Fu “The outside”, being in this song when Tyler habló in Spanish: “Håååååååååååååååååååååååååååddag?”.

This is the sequel “Message man”, a song that no one ever wore in Mexico because the fans can sing it all pulmon. “Lane Boy”, “Repaint”, “Claws” y “Mulberry Street” fueron otros de los écitos cantados en su show.

But without a doubt, one of the most emotional moments in the Mexican public was able to interpret “Bounce Man“, ya que fue la primera vez que la cantaban en vivo y Mexico see the chosen country for it, if in the letter it mentions the country: “You’ll be in and out, out, out man … Move a couple of bands, then head to Mexico“.

Together with a hoguera, the duo has a media circle in the stage along with his music for a more intimate interpretation of themes like “Tear In My Heart”, “The house of gold” y “We do not believe what’s on TV”.

Another big and inexplicable moment when he was playing the trumpet, we saw some small covers of “Cómo Te Voy A Olvidar” y “Bésame Mucho”, crows that were sung by the public. Despite this surprise, the duo interpreted other songs as well “Jumpsuit”, “Heavy dirty soul”, “Saturday”, “Level of concern”, “Ride” y “Car Radio”.

Tras is salary of the scenario, only to take a few minutes later and interpret a beautiful combination of his song “Shy” and a cover of the song “I’m not okay” the My chemical romance, grupo muy querido en Mexico.

To finalize your presentation in Mexican capital and how it is used in its concerts, end with “Tree”, Read by all the fans and the cual acabó with an explosion of pink and blue papelitos that the public did not have to guard as recorded.

Así fue como culminó otra minnesvärd presentación de Twenty-two pilots sv Mexico, if so, hicieron falta algunas canciones, para ser un concierto en un festival, no hay duda de que fueron de los mejor en est Corona Capital 2021, his vision is always full of energy, perfectly combines his music with the visual, projecting images and videos in the pants and including interacting with the assistants.

Tyler Joseph y Josh Dun hacen lo imposible para complacer a su publico et siempre lo logran; for fortune of all, the chicos prometieron volver muy pronto a Mexico and we hope so because this moment is illegitimate.


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