Twitter Downvote Button Is Here, What To Know

Some Twitter users realized Friday there was a new feature on the app: a downvote button, reminiscent of those on other social platforms like Reddit and YouTube.

Twitter support account, ahead of rollout announced The downvote button will be available on the web on Thursday and later on Android and iOS. Users with access to the new feature, which appears as an inverted arrow to the right of the heart-shaped “Like” button, will receive a notification when they open the website or app that explains how it works. The downvote cannot be seen by the tweet’s author or other people on the timeline.

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Naturally, the new feature garnered some strong opinions from users on the platform, with some to delude about its purpose or ridicule Being similar to reddit.

But the new feature is only available on replies, not original posts, and according to Twitter, the goal of the downvote button is to signal the platform when an answer is offensive or irrelevant. Ultimately, Twitter hopes the downvote button will help the platform highlight higher quality content.

So, will anyone actually use the new feature? Not everyone is so sure, with two camps entering into conversation: those who fear the downvote button will be used more, potentially silencing marginalized groupsand that View it as an ineffective bandaid On Twitter’s popular hate speech issue.

But in a brief thread posted on Thursday, Twitter said that most users who select the downvote option do so because it addresses the problems the platform wants to address: objectionableness or irrelevance. Of course, only time will tell if that’s actually the case as the platform continues to roll out the feature’s global rollout.

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What’s more, the downvote button was just one of the many features introduced on the platform this week. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that all Web and Android users around the world would have the option to add a one-time alert to photos and videos, with some iOS users also seeing the option. Additionally, select iOS users will see a DM icon on Tweets so they can reply directly and privately to an author, and in Brazil, an experimental feature urges users to reconsider replies containing harmful language.