Twitter will revamp Space, test themed stations and daily digests – Meczyki.Net

Twitter is developing an updated version of its audio chat room product known as Spaces, Meczyki.Net learned and Twitter. The company said it is currently rolling out a new addition to the Twitter Spaces tab in its app, but declined to discuss the specifics of that change. However, a screenshot of one of the earlier versions of this test includes a thematic audio station as well as a personal audio digest.

Shows a new look and feel for the test space that organizes the audio room into themes such as music or sports, for example. These are depicted with color cards and imagery from the programs. (Oddly, the images seem to represent traditional podcasts in some cases.) There’s also a feature called “Your Daily Digest” which includes a selection of programs that can be played with a click of a button. The tab also shows you who’s listening, much as it does now.

The company said an official announcement would be further down the road once the concepts are finalized, but did not offer a time frame.

image credit: Watchful. via twitter screenshot

Twitter also gushed over these images – which are from a competitive intelligence firm Cautious – are wrong and out of date. We’re told they represent only “an early version” of the new experience that is in the works. (The company asked us to stop publishing for that reason, but we declined. Meczyki.Net often includes new products in their early stages — and it’s interesting to see what kind of direction Twitter will take with the space in the future.) could, even though The final product looks remarkably different when it launched. We think our readers agree.)

Spaces Stations Digest

image credit: Watchful. via twitter screenshot

From our best guesses, it appears that the updated version of Spaces is building on Spaces’ support for themes, launched last year, This allowed creators to tag their audio programs with up to three themes from a common list. This spring, Twitter made it easy for users to see more about Spaces by tapping into the Spaces tab. a space bar at the top of the screen It displays who is hosting, the topic and other information. Now, it can experiment with using themes to better group the different spaces together.

In any event, it’s clear that the company is thinking about how to better present places of interest to listeners — and one way to do so may be through improved organizational systems and user interface improvements. Is.

Today, the Spaces tab makes searching difficult because it offers a few suggestions at the top, followed by the spaces of people you follow, then other live spaces that are happening right now, and below that, a selection of trending spaces. Programs now often have long, cumbersome titles because producers put searchable keywords, hashtags, and Twitter usernames in the name of the show. At any given time, the selection of popular and active venues outweighs those focused on investing and crypto, as Web3 adopters are highly engaged on Twitter. It also complicates search as you have to scroll a lot to find shows outside this genre.

Plus, today’s layout only matters to people who are regular Spaces users. When more casual users have time to kill, they may want to explore the spaces based on their connections to hosts on the social network or what’s being discussed rather than what’s “hot” right now. Having a digest can make a product more appealing to those who want to keep up with the space but don’t have the time to constantly tune in.

We’ll update if Twitter chooses to share more about the product changes.