U.S. police officers throw him to the ground to “find his car” (video)

The body camera of a United States police officer captured the moment a man. Paraplegic He was forcibly removed from his vehicle and thrown to the ground.

Two officers ordered the driver to get out of his car. In Ohio, the dog was looking for drugs, and the man told them he couldn’t get out because he had a stroke.

When an officer replied that he would help him, Clifford Owensby also refused to touch because he Paraplegic, And told them there would be a lawsuit “if he lays his hands on me for no reason.”

“He made his decisions,” police told the citizen.

Also, he made a call to ask someone what was going on with him, and to bring more people with the cameras.

“You can hurt me! Someone help me!”, He started screaming when he was grabbed by his hair and thrown to the ground.

The police officer shouted several times to stop, and insisted that not getting out of the car was not an option. When a woman left her home to try to defend Owensby, she replied that the prisoner had “made his own decisions.”

Authorities defend their position.

As far as RT is concerned, the president of the Frontal Order of Dayton Police said officers offered Owensby help because of his condition, but that he verbally disobeyed and that “some Sometimes it’s not nice to arrest people like that, but it’s a necessary part of law enforcement. ”



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