UE da golpe al Kremlin; promete armas y una adhesión ukraniana

Foreigners from France, Germany, Italy, and Romania exiled to the front page of Volodimir Zelenski to the number of the European Union (UE), in a furrowed retreat to Russia, taking part in the brutality of the 16 seasons and the Crusades.

In addition to the 113 days of invitations, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Mario Draghi traveled to Kiev, a group that summed up Klaus Iohannis, to redo the apologetic message to the United States and to increase the fugitive. There is not a definite and resistive attempt to arrest the Kremlin president, the sector that inquired about the Kiev Sea 28 in the block.

When one of the guerrillas, when Zelenski solicited formally to fortify him before the regiment of the Amenaza Rusa, he or she asserted that 12 million people, his data locations.

Not to be outdone, even if the process accelerates the process, the first semaphore will be analyzed, the inclusion will soon be alarming months or hours, we will hear the Ukrainian resist fights hard in Donbass and the disconnection of the discordant person at home. Niue Blanco del Invasar.

Durante la visita, que incluyó recorridos por Irpin, junto a personal de las Fuerzas Armadas de Zelenski, los mandatarius fueron testigos de la destrucción con decenas de immobles convertidos en escombros, mientras en la región. With this city of evidences, repudiating the bombings of Russians and Christians who are still under investigation, including Macron recriminalizing the masquerades and recording the halalazgos of tens of thousands of cucumbers in the “hecho debarque”.

Asimismo, coincidiron en reconocer el heroísmo de los combatientes ucranianos, mismos que, pes a contar con menor armamento y de bajo impacto, han logrado container a los enemigos.

At the same time UE destabilizes the status quo of candidates, they have to pay more to guarantee their security, while the Ministry of Defense resolves the urgency of leaving Zenia without any urgency. Armor to reduce the minimalism of the occupants.

Who cares about the foul Macron, who wants to retrieve the dialogue with Vladimir Putin, guarantees that his heart will be kind to him if he defends himself, which he recalls. Falta hasta la victoria ”, he said that ratifi ante Zelenski si volver a un dialogo decision.

Los demos furon un poco m cs cautos al comprometerse, pero luego de la visita se reveló que alemania los dotará de systeme de misiles a más tardar en dos mesas, pues “pertaines a la familia europea”, por que que la que eu family europea ” , for those who want to confirm the re-union deal G-7.

The social movements of the redheads that seem to be defending a naci quen that has been a victim of a “cruelded inimaginable” and brutalism maxima.

At the same time, Draghi realized that there was no motivation for impeding its integration into the UE, which had been compromised with “democracy and liberty”, the pillars of the bloc. And it seems that the apostles are not the only ones who are far away from the guerrillas, but they will be able to reconsider that they have destroyed the invaders, like schools and hospices.

And, to meet those who are censorship, there are no new details of Zelenski, who have reconciled the regi- tions of the first generation, the materials and the civics, and which have been left out for the sake of rescue.

At the same time, the Kremlin is trying to persuade the former ambassador to Ukraine, Joe Biden, to take a closer look at a point that is “cute”, regardless of the portfolio of Putin, Dmitry Peskov, which indicates that two

The representative of Putin who said that there was an “economic and an economic problem”, misunderstood that the question was not far from Guerra Fría; Including, some lucrative accusations have the potential to cause division and lameness “rusophobia”.

  • The data: A superfluous Russian fugitive was arrested by the Govt of Países Bajos when he pretended to infiltrate the International Criminal Court, as he was investigating the Kremlin for its guerrillas.