UK strikes: Teaching unions are ready to vote in the event of a pay rise.


The key teaching unions are considering giving ballots to members on strike if no significant increase in salaries is proposed.

The National Education Union (NEU) said a letter would be sent to Education Secretary Nadeem Zhawi on Wednesday stating that the union was ready to vote for its members if salaries were not increased further in line with inflation. ۔

However, the ballot will not be called until Mr. Zhaovi responds to the findings of the School Teachers Review Body Report, which is expected to be released by the end of the school year.

The union said an initial signal ballot would be taken, followed by a formal ballot if the first result showed that members supported the strike.

Leaders of the National Association of School Masters Union of Women Teachers (NAWUT) have also called for a 12 per cent pay rise for teachers this year, saying that if their demands were not met, they would go to England, Wales and Scotland. Land will ballot members for industrial action.

The salary award for 2022/23 is due in November. NASUWT said two out of three teachers are questioning whether to change careers because of wages, and that the cost of teachers’ salaries has dropped by 20 percent.

Dr. Marie Boosted, Fellow Joint General Secretary of NEU, said: “The issue of a better deal for teachers will be fully addressed in our letter to the Secretary of State this Wednesday.

“If this is not to be heard, and teachers are being offered a significant pay rise under inflation, we will go to the ballot box of our members.”

“Teachers have enough of a government that does not value them. The combination of unsustainable hours, the intensity of work during these hours and the constantly falling salary levels is detrimental to our schools and the young people we educate. Are giving

“The government is not ready to recognize the work of teachers and give them adequate compensation.

“Teachers’ pay has dropped for the fifth time in a real sense since 2010. We need a pay agreement for all teachers who acknowledge this fact.”

A union representing NHS workers has also threatened to strike if members are not paid according to inflation.

Dr. Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT, added: “The country is facing an existential emergency for the future of the teaching profession.

“Teachers are not only suffering from the cost of living, which is affecting the whole country, but also the 12-year real-time pay cuts have reduced the value of their salaries by 20%.

NASUWT General Secretary Patrick Roach (Simon Booth / NASUWT) / PA Media

“If the government and the pay review body reject a positive rehabilitation pay program for teachers, we will ask our members if they are ready to take national industrial action in response.

“The government has misjudged that teachers will only stand by it because they cut salaries and take our education system to the bone.

“But this weekend, thousands of teachers from all over the UK came together to demonstrate our strength, unity and determination to stand up and fight.

“Our message is clear and now the government is directly on their doorstep. We will not allow any reduction in the salaries of our members and attacks on their pensions.

“If salaries are not increased, our members will win through industrial action in the workplace.”

NASUWT was a prominent group at a large rally on Saturday organized by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which saw thousands of protesters marching in central London demanding better wages and working conditions.

This comes after McLinch warned that other unions could strike later this year because “enough people” for the current environment before the planned rail strikes next week.