UNAM will continue to return to face-to-face classes voluntarily.

But after the return to face-to-face classes National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)More and more of the study house reported that community physical activities on campus,And it will intensify with the traffic light of infectious diseases in vegetables.

The UNAM explained that “it personally recognizes the need to return to activities, and in fact respects the agreements of the technical councils of various schools and faculties and the subsystems of humanity, scientific research and coordination.” Has happened. Cultural spread., So that there is a gradual and safe return to university facilities. The above has been accomplished, especially in cases where physical support of students and teachers is required.

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The university added that the physical presence of the community on various campuses will “continue to grow with the necessary sanitary measures and, as reported from the outset, once the epidemic’s traffic lights turn green, the return to the classroom will accelerate.” ۔ “

On student attendance. Face-to-face classes, UNAM said, “It will continue to be a volunteer. And, for those who can’t attend, classes will continue to be taught remotely, as has been the case since the first day of imprisonment. “

Furthermore, he stressed that for more than a year, the activities were carried out without any interruption, as the Covid 19 epidemic continued.



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