Unconscious and happy world.

A fat woman drives out humans forever. Their goal is to reproduce because they have the resources to do so. This is the mother who does not stop giving birth to the child. This is the mother who is the only mother. She is the one who is tied, fed so that she can get pregnant at any time. The latest machines, cars are also made from it. Don’t ask how? It was a nightmare. Or is it a nightmare for the contemporary industrial world?

Who is, if not man, the source of the machinery that illuminates, opens the way to science and health, or that fades, collects the weapon and then disposes of it as something that emerges? Is, like out of nowhere.

Aldous Huxley thought, and that’s the essence of his novel. “A happy world”That humanity, which is connected to the media, including images or services, has no way of knowing itself beyond the freedom to use or face it. ۔

Well, what is freedom, if not the act of tossing a coin – in the best sense – and opening it to the unknown which may happen the next day. This will allow dialogue to explore the various fruits of realism, which is not philosophical, as it is said to exist.

Huxley was a great intellectual, and, among other things, a poet who, in his poems, reflected the earthquake of the urban world. Here is the Spanish version of the poem Tinieblas: “My walled soul never knows / Darkness so deep, a glowing scene, / Like a blind spot where dreams flow / In the heart of chrysolite eyes … A glory beyond imagination, / So fast and bright. / / Also many curved darkness / which spread in the city, / Finely tangled, intersecting and separating each other, / Darkness of lust and greed, / Destroyed body and empty heart .. ./ I know this darkness. “

To dive into the human heart is to dive into oneself. And it is the poet’s job to bring light to reflect the shaded forms, which, like all deep creators, expects reflections of the world in which he exists.

In his time, Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) told the BBC: “Man is now a victim of his technology.” And from his literary work, he insisted on waking up. I wonder if waking up is leaving a state of unconsciousness, or bringing this unconsciousness (nightmare, dream, vision) to this perceptual dimension and paying attention to the symptoms. I prefer this last thought, though the word. “unconscious” Which comes from Latin, refers to the denial of consciousness with its predecessor. “I”Well, wouldn’t it happen that instead of denying, the unconscious warns us? That the unconscious self knocks on the door of consciousness, to reveal things that are otherwise forbidden to it?

Of Conscience Or Conscience, From which it is derived. Fewer scientists, (With knowledge) and as described. Knowledge That one being belongs to oneself and one’s environment, there is much to be heard unconsciously today. This happy world enters the sofa.


Author: Meczyki

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