Undoubtedly, what is left in the economy of China by Evergrande – Meczyki

This semana bolsa, además de los problemas que tiene Estados Unidos, el mercado siege atento al desarrollador chino Evergrande, quenes han esquivado el tercera vez en un mes, pero es poco de los problemas en un mes lactaría en pobéro de China eñtarro por el malestar del sector immobiliario. We will try to show you what it is.

This could seriously affect the global economy, but at the same time it could impose opportunities for regulatory regimes to gain even more mercado from the state.

The reunion of the English banker will be a reunion “in vivo” that can be determined by the British data, especially on the business. For the second time, Turquoise, deserves an inflection near 20 per cent, can list it to recreate the new internships ”.

The guerrilla against COVID-19 has not been terminated. Germany is against the new record of the new record, New Zealand is against the new variant of the Delta, highly contagious and the Pa Bajís bajos pronto possibly impose a national block. Forgiveness of sins, the states of the United States feel securely as safe as to receive the retries of travel. Japan on November 7 did not register dead diaries for COVID for the first time in a year.

The paranoid allusions of the critics of this process were completely substantiated. The economists who compare the economic problems for 2022 are constantly observing.

The accusations of Tesla, azotadas despised that the coroner Elon Musk asked the users of Twitter if there was to be a participation of 10 per cent in the electric automobile empire, is in the fox. Casey el 58 por ciento de los que responseieron a encuesta respaldaron la venta de las acciones y, según las presentaciones del mercado de valores, Musk ha vendido alaridor de $ 5 billones en acciones en los ultis d.

The merchants also noticed the news about Jerome Powell being named after the Federal Reserve. Powell and the gobernador of the Fed, Lael Brainard, a possible successor, came back recently at Casa Blanca.

Data macroeconomic clave of Reino Unido will be published this week. Find out the mercados from the 4th of November to not generate a completely excellent tip, the English bank that wants the most important mercard labels. Deben present two combinations of data before their preexisting reunion, the first of the martes.

From the best of the best, the data will be released in October if the expiration date of the 30th of September is unpaid.

The data and information of the minorists published by the miércoles and the veneers, respectfully. A great implication of inflation combined with other measures of minorities obliging the Banco de Inglater to take action against the infrastructural and nutritional economy of the country. With an economy of 0.6 per cent even more so due to the debacle of the new prepositions and with the fact that there was a perjudicial confrontation with the UE, the last thing that Great Britain did was a love affair. But 4 because more inflation can be given to the English bank without option.

Los pagos de undécima hora de los intereses vencidos están ayudando a China Evergrande a salir de la morosidad; The ultimate moment of hemorrhage in the credit crises. The preconceptions for the demand are the golpado los precios del mineral de hiroro, pero a pesar de la señales de economic desecleración economic, the politics of esprada aún no la ladgado de manera significant.

The Central Bank of Turquía is home to the gems. Even though it has a history of minimalism and inflation from around 20 per cent, it is expected that the authorization will be reduced to more than the actual deal of 16 per cent, and the new precidio of crudos.

Sin begins, from La Lira to Que Hunde, which would necessarily come with the price of 10 dollars, could mean problems for an economy that depends on the great mediation of energy imports, with empires and the goblins that fall from the lira. en moneda fuerte.

Turquoise is a solitary entity entering the central banks of the world that has entered or is approaching the point of endurance in cyclones. It prevails that the Central Bank of Sudfrica, which also reunites the Juventus, empires altogether protozoa, while expecting that Indonesia will keep the hours of its day. Se ve a Hungría chambiando de marcha el martes.

Indicadorus macroeconomics important

El martes, las ventas minoristas de Estados Unidos para octubre están fuera. Just an increase of + 0.7 per cent m / m, and ex-autos, just an increase of + 0.8 per cent m / m. The creation of the PIB real from the Eurozone for the third trimester will be due to + 2.2 per cent.

The precision index of producers (IPP) of Reino Unido debería subir un + 6.8 por ciento interanual en oktubre.

The mi ,rcoles, the permutations of the construction of the EU (1.59 m antes) and the salads (1.56 m antes) are not available for October. The IPC of Canadians will have to deal with a + 4.4 per cent interaction. Like the European Union.

The juveniles, published the initial solicits semenales of the United States in the United States. These continents are accompanied by a tendency to play the baja, semana tras semana. The IPC of the Eurozone will have to deal with a + 4.1 per cent interaction.

El Viernes, Lagarde del BCE pronuncia un discurso. Clarida de la Fed también da un discurso.

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