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Put the bag where you put your mouth, says an old English proverb. The government’s priorities are made real and tangible in the budget; the union’s for 2022 leaves the state’s educational task in a terrible uncertainty. This is a real increase of 1.1 percent compared to 2021 for global undergraduate education, but within the positions, the change favors scholarships without a focus and a program that has so far not had business rules, La Escuela es Nuestra, which is handled as a distribution for infrastructure without the goal which after two years remains unresolved that there are still schools without water.

The worst thing is that the increases, with almost equal amounts for the global, take place at the cost of disappearing programs that supported at least 4.5 million girls and boys in basic education.

It is more outrageous and more worrying, because this decrease occurs precisely when, on the contrary, an increase is required. All school communities need to be reactivated and compensate for the devastating effects of excessive suspension, but – unlike many countries, including in Latin America, such as Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina – there was no consistency in the legislators’ decision to allocate extraordinary resources, further, for to give the push necessary to restart. On the contrary, key programs are being cut and girls and boys, the most marginalized, are being affected; thus “the poor first” remains an unfulfilled promise.

We presented to legislators from all parties, from the work of the Commission for the Return of SIPINNA, a proposal that allocated increases of one billion pesos (mdp) for safe opening, 170 for recovering learning, 63 for preventing and reversing school closures, 1 110 to compensate for marginalization, 760 for teacher education, 115 for undergraduate education. A targeted increase of 3,000 318 million pesos that would help compensate in a focused way in this emergency.

Not only was it not given, it was removed. For mega-infrastructure projects, 640 thousand pesos will be allocated in 2022, in the hope that the constructions will reactivate the economy. But to support the roots of the country’s welfare, which is to promote the full and harmonious development of its childhood, not enough money was allocated for it. The burden is placed on teachers and managers to compensate and turn what we lost in confinement, but left to their own strength and ingenuity, to what they manage to get or collect from their own poor families.

In education, the big losers are children and teachers. They failed them, and the consequences can become very serious over time. At the greatest need, no extraordinary resources were allocated and those available were reduced.

What can be done now? We demand:

1. That the only proposal from the Commission for Return that was included in the opinion, ie that there were operational rules for LEEN and the program for the expansion of basic education, includes targeting, ensures transparency and avoids capturing control clients. Do not get confused when there is evidence: the Labor Party’s CENDIS model is expensive, opaque and politically biased, and it is an obstacle to the growth of alternatives for more young children across the country.

2. That the legal decisions mandating the allocation of at least 5,000 million pesos LEEN for the components of food and extended working hours, the judgment of Amparo trial 301/2021 and securing water in each school and supplies such as face masks, soaps and disinfectants, the definitive abolition of incident 1093/2021, both of the legal powers of the federation.

3. That internal redeployments are already being considered with the approved budget, as permitted by SEP’s powers; for example, that the fund with the least transparency in the subsidy category, the bag with the code U080, is put at the service of the priority tasks socio-emotional recovery and learning, search and feedback, compensation for marginalization, teacher training and recognition.

Four. To cease, in the management of funds for training staff, that the opacity and arbitrariness of the places is, as recently acknowledged by the Governor of Michoacán, which gave thousands of unjustified grounds; and that FONE is adapted so that supervisors, English teachers and teachers who have won promotion can be paid what they are rightfully entitled to and have been denied.

It is important to defend that the 2022 budget does not remain in the distribution, which always has the appearance of customer collaboration, and that it is also done now at the expense of material information. If most of what was possible for the majority in captivity, 9,000 television programs that did not utilize basic learning, massive online courses for teachers who do not solve the need to reinvent themselves to get their students out of the gap, there is no and motivation for failing students and teachers again in the new opening. #UrgeDefender will be the slogan: use scarce resources well so that the return to face-to-face classes is not a continuation of the retreat.


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