Urías not starting Adjust the dodger.

Mexico City Just hours after the fifth game of the National League Divisional Series at Oracle Park, Los Angeles Dodgers. They changed the mound. There will be no decisive battle against Mexico’s Julio Urias. San Francisco Giants And who will do it? Blankets Which is 4-0 with a 2.45 ERA..

For this Thursday, the leader (20) of victories in the Major Leagues was about to start, but the Dodgers changed their strategy to try to stop the Giants’ aggressive play.

Chris Bryant, Kurt Casali and Brendon Crawford are the first players to bat against the Giants.

For its part, San Francisco has not announced a change in the hill and it has been estimated. Logan Webb Getting started.

The winner of the series will face the Atlanta Braves, who won their ticket by knocking out the Milwaukee Brewers 3-1.

The Dodgers are looking to clinch the Major League Baseball title, while the Giants are looking for their first NL championship series since 2014, when they won a third. World Series..



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