Usal Corral ‘ley del garrote’ vs notario

چیہواہوا.– The faculty of the Faculty of Derecho for the University of Chihuahua (UACH), Francisco Flores Legarda, executor Javier Corral of Haber utilized the “ley del garrote” for his politically motivated, personal donations. “The patas” is one of the notarized notaries of the Mayor, Luis Raúl Flores Sáenz.

In the opinion of Flores Legarda, the attitudes that Javier Corral hacked into the person of Flores Sáenz, who wanted to abide by the procedural rules of sanity, performed its dignified, pue fue además sujeto and escarnio public.

“For the sake of the abogados, we know and believe that the notary was a person wanted by the abogados. se consideraron anticonstitucionales ”, pointed out the university professor.

Y continuó: “se ordenó la legitist restci restn de sus trabajos como notario, pero aquí existen de responsabilidad de Javier Corral y sus funcionarios.

It is possible to demand penalties or administrative sanctions against the state government of Chihuahua.

Yo creo que el notario Flores Sáenz lo tiene que hacer.

The abogados we consider this, is not just what happened to all the abusive que sufrió para que cediera ante los chantajes de Javier Corral para que validará los receibos de la ‘nómina secreta’.

Creo que exbobernador debe ser sujeto a juicio politico, ahorita anda muy asustado dando entrevistas en la ciudad de Mexico diciendo puras mentiras.

(L (Javier Corral) is absolutely perfect that there is no limpo, there is me, there is terror, in the PAN he deserves, not what he wants, if he has ever been like that ”, subrayó.

‘There is no justification for suffering’

The President of the Colegio Estate of Notaryado Chihuahuense AC, Fernando Rodríguez García, declared that there was no justification for presiding over the publication of Public Notice No. 4, Luis Raúl Flores Sáenz, during the administration of the administration of law. Nómina secreta ”by César Duarte, because he thinks he is in the process of prosecuting legally against what he thinks.

Notice that notaries have jurisprudential arguments to be able to defend abusers like those who killed Flores Sáenz.

Introduced by a telephone call, Rodríguez García, who traveled to the town of Saltillo, Coahuila, often felt very much like that the truth had been saluted to a flute, which could not be reached at the end of the day, but did not relate.

“The presumption that Suffice it to be justified by Flores de Ninguna Manera, or that the notary is an institution that guarantees jurisprudential ordinances.

The notarial function should not have been tainted by corrupt political parties, ”he said.

The question arises if the president who suffers from notario Luis Raúl Flores Sáenz does not come up with something that will continue, the president of notarized response:

“This is a situation that has not yet been resolved. Discover the specific case of the licensed Flores Sáenz, without embarking, as we have demonstrated that the procedure is legal and we are responding to it.”

But it is not possible to write an article, but without saying that there is a manera of the notaries to defend and that the prophet who has succumbed is one of the defenses of the notary before the federal tribunals.

The Tribunal Federal Considered the inconsistency of the executive power of the state ”, pointed out Fernando Rodríguez.

In relation to the personal and professional life of the notorious No. 4, it is said that he is a person who has always lived up to the values.

“It simply came to our notice then.

I could not believe that I really liked the fact that the Judicial Podder finally agreed with the reason and did not protect the injustices that were done ”, finalized Fernando Rodríguez.