Users of the Jerusalem-San Jacinto de la Laguna irrigation module demonstrate during a visit to AMLO.

Lagonira area. – Irrigation Module 03 Jerusalem-San Jacinto users demonstrated at the event where President Anders. Manuel Lopez Obrador will convene an assembly to implement the plan. Healthy water for La Laguna.

Demonstrators demand that the site where a dam will be built that will supply the water treatment plant will travel three kilometers downstream, thus saving about 300 300 million to be used to pay for the water. Can be done Durango state government for compensation.

Graseros ejido has not paid for the construction of the Francisco Zerco Dam for more than 50 years. “We want the president to listen to us because his advisers have not provided him with complete information.” He pointed out.

We would like to speak directly to the President to clarify the issue, as he may have other information about G.Uber Nador Jose Rosas Esporo

Today, a convoy of trailers arrived at the San Jacinto Agedo to drop tubes and materials for water and place heavy machinery on both sides of the river. Nazis, where the dam will be built.


Author: Meczyki

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