USMNT’s win over Costa Rica is a testament to the team’s potential.

Sergio Deste scored and scored against Costa Rica.

Sergio Deste scored and scored against Costa Rica.
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It’s hard to remember at the moment, especially when it’s the first moment of a qualifier like last night against Costa Rica and abandoning another stupid goal before coming back for a USMNT 2-1 win. And you didn’t even break the beer you’re firing against the wall, that this whole qualifying window and next year’s World Cup (hopefully) are just part of the process. This is partly because the word “action” has become essentially a kind of word in sports (not unpopular). Partly because the United States lost the last World Cup, getting to the next match is seen as a big deal. And yes, failure to go to Qatar will still be a total failure. It has to be part of that development.

But this is progress. This American team is very small – no one who started last night was 25 – and for the first time doing all this, what is really happening here is to introduce each other and the international game. Is the blood of a roster. 2022 is indeed a step towards 2026, when the United States will be widely expected to make some serious noises on home soil. And given the age of this squad, most if not all of them will be counted for making noise.

When you’re making something out of this young man, with this long view, it’s going to be very unstable at the moment. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional. And then in the next game it could look as good as it did against Costa Rica. Throw out the warnings – that Costa Rica is hilariously old, or that there were still mistakes that a better team could overcome, or that Keller Nawas would still be in Costa Rican’s net if the second goal probably didn’t go – like That you can do this for every match. Especially at this stage with a team in its development. The United States was great in most of last night’s matches.

He was strong. They were dynamic. They were creative. They were Balsi. They were complex. The headline will go to this Sergino Dest goal, as it should be, and while we’re here, let’s enjoy it once more:

Obviously, this is the kind of target that causes someone’s pants to pop out of a nearby window. Along with this is the original story construction, which goes through 12 pressures, from one corner of the field to the opposite direction. America was doing it all night the way we didn’t see this team do, and no American team really does that. He worked for Liverpool where his full back is actually a winger and his wings are actually forwards and the forward is a midfielder and yellow substance custard dripping from a dead dog’s eye. Phil Beck, Dest and Anthony Robinson teamed up with Younes Musa, Weston McKinney, Tim Weah, and Brendan Ironson in delicious patterns that took America to dangerous places. And there was a pop-up between the lines as they pulled Costa Rica from side to side to open up. His last ball still needs work, but it can be fixed with better health than Geo Reina and Christian Plessis. Tyler Adams played midfield. The United States tore down a small bloc, which had been a problem before, and should have had more than two goals. Given the team’s caution, they look like Borg.

One section should be dedicated to Dest, the funniest toy ever for the national team. He is hardly a fullback. He may not even be a wing back. Maybe he’s just a player standing somewhere close to those positions on the kickoff and then doing whatever you want. Again and again last night he would pick up a pass from the defense, which is believed to be in the heart of the midfield and would take the ball to or near the Costa Rican box. He comes in, he gets behind, he stays wide, he shoots, he gets lost, basically if cocaine plays football it feels like that. It’s easy to identify his faults – sometimes he’s not there, he can be defensively upset, he’ll try his best at the worst time and place on the field – but without the possibility of anything too much.

The United States may have to adjust, but it has to. Sometimes you only let one horse run.

So overall, this is a pretty decent window for USMNT. Seven points was the goal, they got six, and that makes the next match like this, just the home of Mexico, the one they need to win. All they can do is put undue pressure on a match that is already under pressure. He is second in the octagonal, three points clear of fourth. If they had only drawn Panama, the difference would have been six points, but alas.

Overall, the feeling is good. They played two teams from the park, even if the score lines didn’t show it. He threw a clone in the middle, which the neo-fight teams are going to do. In a competition that was not so stressful and calm, it would be easy to accept these ups and downs as a natural way to progress and be excited about the future. The World Cup process does not provide them.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that comes out of this window is how ruthless the depth of the roster can be. Sergeant Josh started the League of Nations final. It is still difficult for him to find a way in the squad until he goes nuclear to Norwich (which raises the question of whether Norwich will score 5-10 goals overall, which the sergeant himself wants). Sebastian Leggett and Paul Areola have their chances. If Reina and Polisak are healthy, in the November slate, do they form a squad? John Brooks was undoubtedly a starter in central defense last month. How many people is he behind now? Three? Four? Calvin Acosta.

Through six games, we’ve seen all that this team could be, that everything is on the spectrum. It’s dizzy, frustrating, dizzy at the same time. And it will be for a while. They can still disqualify. They could run the table. They can lay eggs in Qatar in the group stage. He could go to jail for two weeks and run around and reach the semifinals. No more getting out of the ride. It’s great to enjoy, Peugeot and Ecstasy together.


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