UTEP business people are encouraged with scholarships.

Step- A pair of student teams from the University of Texas College of Engineering in El Paso were selected to participate in the Blackstone Launchpad (BLP) Summer 2021 Scholarship to promote their winning startups that use technology. Current education to address some key issues using solutions.

Through the BLP Summer 2021 Scholarship organized by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and Future Founders, both UTEP teams are part of a pool of 50 business students selected for ڈالر 50,000 and eight weeks of business resources, guidance and support.

In the spring of 2021, BLP partnered with the UTEP Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) to host 2021 Virtual Hack 915, which offered workshop sessions to teach science students. And introduced them to the opportunities and programs that UTEP BLP has for student entrepreneurs. At the event, the judges invited three UTEP teams to apply for the BLP Summer 2021 Scholarship.

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation selected two UTEP startups from more than 150 applications from the network’s 30 schools. UTEP students’ winning proposals included two education-related startups, NetProp and Showcase.

Each team of UTEP founding students received a 5,000 grant to support work in their technology companies, as well as other resources, support, and guidance for their startups during the eight-week virtual course. Helped them advance ideas. Until August 6

Maria Fernanda Fescal Santino, Director of Blackstone Launch Pad and Tech Stars at UTEP’s Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce (MLCIC), said: Represent UTEP in national network programs. ” “Your choice confirms that UTEP students have unique and inspiring ideas that can be translated into successful companies. Is needed to improve. ”

The program included regular training sessions for launchpad campus directors, weekly business workshops organized by Future Founders, as well as two-week mentoring sessions with Blackstone employees and tech stars’ advisors. Participants will also have the opportunity to join the LaunchPad Network Fall Speaker series, a quarterly call with successful business speakers that provides information on business skills development and career preparation.

Netprep will use state-of-the-art technology to solve the problem of configuring and managing student course loads through an application that allows students to manage a platform, applications and assignments in one place. Will help keep track of progress and set dates. The team consists of junior computer science students Ashley M. Glamor, Victor Javier, Sergio Velasco and Jose Vega.

“Netprep will have a lot of tools to solve organization and time management problems as we see technology entering the education industry and it can be difficult for college students to monitor their use,” he said. Is.” “Future students will need to use more online tools, and Netprep will provide a better way to show them and make them easier to use.”

Showcase is an online platform that helps college students find inspiration for side projects and enables them to develop new skills and experiences. Consumers can get feedback from like-minded students to further improve their plans. The app will provide users with an effective way for recruiters to showcase their work as a job candidate. Team members include recent UTEP graduates Brian Ramos and Victor Hyukochia.

“It was an honor to learn about all the resources and mentors we will have access to during the scholarship,” Ramos said. “Being selected represents an invaluable opportunity for growth and learning. [impulsaría] Our start is at a very high level. ”

The Netprep team intends to use its grant to develop and test functional product models to launch beta versions, build platforms and advance future ideas. Showcase founders will use the grant to develop platforms as well as explain branding, advertising and marketing.

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