Vaccination for minors aged 12 to 17 begins on Monday in Durango, El Seglo de Turin

Will start next week. Vaccination against Covid 19 in children aged 12 to 17 years, comorbidities for pregnant women in the Lagunera region and for the rest of the state of Durango.

For the care of minors who meet this condition, which came up from the beginning of the registry in the month of October, in Gomez Policy Two places: In-charge of Lorenzo Blanco Lozano, according to information from ISSSTE’s Family Medicine Clinic in Ciudad Lerdo, as well as Gomez Palacio’s new general hospital facilities, in the regional direction of the Village Zone 02.

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Dates set for the care of registered minors. It will be from October 18 to 29 In the facilities of ISSSTE Family Medicine Clinic located in the Magistrate’s neighborhood of Ciudad Lerdo. He will be treated at Gomez Palacio General Hospital in the Bugambalias neighborhood, from October 18 to 23.

In late September, when juvenile registration on the platform was announced by federal health officials, it was reported that they would be treated with the vaccine. Pfizer – Biotech It has only been shown to be protective and immune (to produce an immune response) in people under the age of 12, and has been approved by the Federal Commission on Sanitary Threats as an emergency application.

According to Lorenzo Blanco Lozano, regional director of Wellbeing Zone 02 in Gomez Palacio, the amount of food that will reach the area will be stored in the facilities of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FISA). Javier University of Durango (UJED)


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