Vaccines are 11 times more likely to die without the vaccine: CDC study.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people vaccinated against immunizations are 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

Data, Released on Friday., Dr. Rochelle Valensky, CDC Director, emphasized the “power of vaccination.” Said in a briefing.

The results come as the highly contagious Delta species, dominant tensions in the United States, have led to an increase in new cases across the country – much higher among vulnerable people.

“The bottom line is that we have the scientific tools we need to fight this epidemic,” Valensky told reporters Friday.

“Vaccination works and will save us from serious complications of COVID-19,” Valensky added.

“It will protect our children and allow them to stay in school for safe, personal learning.”

Pfizer Covid, a healthcare worker, fills a syringe with 19 vaccines.
New cases of COVID-19 are more common in immunizations in the United States.
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the study About 600,000 reviews Cases in 13 states from April 4 to July 17 link the status of vaccinations to the results, the CDC said.

A separate CDC study. Also released on Friday. Modern vaccines have been shown to be the most effective way to prevent serious infections that require hospitalization.

Among modern recipients, the vaccine was 95% effective, followed by Pfizer Job 80% and single dose Johnson & Johnson 60%.

The overall effectiveness of the vaccine against hospitalization was 86%, according to the study, which cited data from 32,000 cases from June to August – when the Delta variety became the biggest strain of the virus. went.

A firefighter fills a syringe with a dose. "Comirnaty" Pfizer Biotech Tech COVID-19 vaccine
“Vaccination works and will save us from the serious complications of Code 19,” said Dr. Rochelle Valensky, CDC’s director.
Reuters / Benoit Tessier.

During a briefing by the White House Cove 19 Response Team on Friday, officials said the highly contagious delta mutation is now more than 98 percent in all cases.

According to the CDC, the United States reports an average of 13 136,000 new corona virus cases a day – more than 11,000 hospital admissions and more than 1,000 deaths per day.

According to the CDC director, more than 90% of hospital admissions are immunizations, and 10 times more immunizations than unvaccinated patients.

Meanwhile, the emerging MU variant, previously found in South America, is less than 0.5% of the tracked cases in the United States – and the C.1.2 variant, which first appeared in Africa in the spring, is still This has not been confirmed in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fookie said in a briefing.

A modern healthcare worker is administering the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine.
The United States is reporting an average of 13,136,000 new corona virus cases a day.
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The new data comes a day after the Biden administration announced it. Clearing out new needs. To combat the growing number of corona virus cases, including businesses with more than 100 employees, the federal mandate requires workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly.

The recent rise in infections comes as children under the age of 12 have yet to be approved for vaccinations, even in private districts across the United States.

More vaccinations could also help children who are unable to get food, Valensky said.

The CDC director said: “In communities with high vaccination rates, there are fewer reports of visits to the emergency department and hospitalizations for children with COVID 19.


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