Vagatha Christie’s verdict to be pronounced today: 10 key moments of the trial

The long-awaited verdict in the ‘Vagatha Christie’ libel trial involving Colleen Rooney (36) and Rebekah Vardy (40) is set to come closer this afternoon.

He made the court case and the events leading up to the trial one of the most talked about and fascinating celebrity ballads in recent memory.

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Even the most devout followers could be forgiven for missing a few details, so here’s a short rundown of real-life’s biggest moments.

1. How it started

Coleen Rooney, wife of former Man United captain Wayne Rooney, on October 9, 2019, sent social media into overdrive after she took to Twitter to accuse Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah Vardy of leaking personal information about her. Posted a message. uk tabloid, Sun,

Ms Rooney said she suspected one of her private Instagram followers was passing information that could only be seen to the newspaper, on her Instagram posts. She blocked all her other followers and began posting false stories over the course of a few months to see if they would appear in print.

In a series of tweets on that faithful October Day, Ms Rooney wrote: “You know what they did!”

“I have saved and screenshotted all the original stories, which clearly show that only one person has seen them. It’s… Rebekah Vardy.”

Ms Vardy, who was then pregnant with her fifth child, denied the allegations and said that over the years various people had access to her Instagram.

She claimed to be “very upset” by Ms Rooney’s allegation, later adding: “I thought she was my friend but she completely wiped me out.”

The worldwide public controversy made headlines with the hashtag #WagathaChristie trending.

2. Increase

In February of the same year, in a tearful appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, Ms. Vardy said that the tension of the controversy caused her to have a severe anxiety attack and “end up in the hospital three times”.

Ms Rooney issued a statement saying she “does not wish to engage in further public debate”.

In June of the same year, it emerged that Ms. Vardy initiated defamation proceedings against Ms. Rooney.

Ms Vardy’s lawyers alleged that she suffered “extreme distress, hurt, anxiety and embarrassment as a result of the publication of the post and the events that followed”.


Rebekah and Jamie Vardy arrive at the Royal Court of Justice, London, as the high-profile defamation battle between Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney continues. Image date: Tuesday May 17, 2022.

3.Pre-trial Hearing

A series of explosive messages between Ms Vardy and her agent Carolyn Watts – which Ms Rooney’s lawyers allege were about her – surfaced in a preliminary court hearing in February of this year.

The court was told that Ms. Vardy was not referring to Ms. Rooney when she called someone a “bad bitch” in an exchange with Ms. Watts.

Ms Rooney’s lawyers want more information from WhatsApp messages, but the court is told that Ms Watt’s phone fell into the North Sea after a boat hit a wave, before more information could be extracted.

In April, the court was told that Ms. Watt was not fit to give oral evidence in the ensuing libel trial, as the case comes back for another hearing.

The agent revoked his permission to use the testimony of a witness, and withdrew his exemption that would have allowed Sunday To tell reporters whether she was the source of the allegedly leaked stories.

Ms Vardy later “appears to admit” that her agent was the source of the allegedly leaked stories, Ms Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne told the high court.

They argued that the statement of a new witness presented by Ms Vardy showed Ms Watts was the source, but Ms Vardy claims she “did not authorize or pardon her”.

Ms Vardy’s lawyer, Hugh Tomlinson, said the statement did not contain “any changes to the pleaded case”, as her legal team had no communication with Ms Watts.

4. The Trail Begins

On 10 May, Ms. Vardy and Ms. Rooney face off in court as their defamation battle takes place at the Royal Court of Justice in London with Ms. Stan. Both women give evidence, as the revelations in the case make headlines daily in the press.

For three days Ms Vardy was put through her paces by Ms Rooney’s legal eagle David Sherborne, who repeatedly accused Ms Vardy of “lying” under oath.

“You’re making it up, aren’t you Ms. Vardy?” and “It’s a lie isn’t it?” He said on several occasions.

“No, I’m not lying at all,” replied Ms. Vardy, while on a transformation strategy that Mr. Sherborne nailed down.

Discussing a message exchange with Ms Watts – Rebekah Vardy said: “If I can be honest I can’t remember.”

“I want you to be honest because you are sitting in the witness box at a trial,” replied Mr Sherborne.

5. Peter Andre’s chipotle commentary

A regrettable and unforgettable moment in the trial thrust popstar Peter Andre into the limelight again, when Ms Rooney’s barrister attempted to prove Ms Vardy’s apparent disregard for public privacy.

Mr Sherborne read the headline of a 2004 News of the World interview with Ms Vardy, saying “Peter’s hangs-up like a small chipotle, shaven, goofy, lasts five minutes, where he talks with Mr. Andre. Discussed old relationships.

He continued to read aloud excerpts from the article in court, where Ms Vardy was quoted as saying that Peter had “the smallest trouser device I have ever seen”.

Ms Vardy later described the interview as one of her “biggest regrets”, while Peter Andre hit back at the comments, telling his Instagram followers: “Do you know how much I keep biting my lips over the circumstances? It is difficult?

“At least he has now accepted that it was not true. And was compelled to say it.”


Colleen Rooney arrives at the Royal Court of Justice in London as the high-profile defamation battle between Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney continues. Image Date: Monday May 16, 2022.

6. Davy Jones Reference

Accusing Ms. Vardy of destroying vital evidence, Ms. Rooney’s barrister made a sea reference that flew over Ms. Vardy’s head.

On the third day of the trial, Mr Sherborne said the messages on his agent’s phone could not be retrieved because they were “now in Davy Jones’ locker”.

A shocked Rebekah Vardy replied earnestly “Who is Davy Jones?”, which in turn prompted the judge, Ms. Justice Stan, to clarify that the expression refers to the bottom of the ocean.

7.’Arguing with Colleen Rooney would be like arguing with Dove’

After Ms Rooney’s big reveal in 2019, Rebekah Vardy gave an explosive interview with her daily mailWhich was read in court.

“Arguing with Colleen Rooney would be like arguing with Dove. You can tell it you’re right and it’s wrong, but it’s still going in your hair,” Ms. Vardy told the Daily Mail.

Speaking in court, she somewhat backtracked from the comments, saying: “At the time I was speaking [the Daily Mail journalist] I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to believe… I wasn’t thinking straight the day after it happened.

Following the 2019 post, Ms Rooney shared a different message with her personal Instagram followers, which read: “Don’t play games with a girl who can play better.”

Referring to the message in court, Ms Rooney said: “I felt like I knew who it was… it was a quote I found, and I kept it, and it was something I did. “

8.Rooney Takes the Stand

The test essentially put two England Euro 2016 strikers in the spotlight, but in opposing camps.

While on the stand, Wayne Rooney said he was asked to have a “weird” conversation with Jamie Vardy about his wife. He said England manager Roy Hodgson wanted Rebekah Vardy to “quiet” her media activity during the tournament.

“So I agreed to talk to Mr. Vardy … to tell him to calm down his wife,” he said.

However, Verdi’s legal team denies that the talks ever took place, to which Wayne Rooney replied: “I’m here on oath. I spoke to Mr. Vardy about this situation 100 per cent.


Rebekah Vardy arrives at the Royal Court of Justice in London for the high-profile libel battle between Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney. Image date: Friday May 13, 2022.

9. ‘Wayne’s Crap Fuck’

The Leicester City goal scorer, who appeared in court on the day Wayne Rooney spoke, issued a heated statement outside the judicial building, accusing Rooney of “talking rubbish”.

“Wayne is talking nonsense. He must be confused because he never talked to me about issues related to Becky’s media work at Euro 2016,” said Jamie Vardy.

After the rift, both Vardys left the court early, with Ms Vardy’s legal team saying it was because she was “not feeling well”.

10.Wardi-Watt Message Issued

Some of the wanted messages between Ms. Vardy and her agent, Carolyn Watts, were uncovered in court. After Colleen Rooney’s infamous Twitter post, Ms Watts sent Ms Vardy a tweet saying: “Message her now and ask what the f*** this x is”.

“Wow, this is war x”, replied Ms. Vardy.

“You have to say that you don’t talk to anyone about that, but lately your insta is following even people you don’t follow… just say you posted a company to a sponsored post and a former social media agency whoever worked with it,” said Ms. Watts.