Van a ser muy felices en Pumas: Mejía Barón

Los Pumas de la UNAM ya tienen listos a sus primeros cuatro refuzzos y se espera que tengan dos misporaciones more, pero por el momento presentaran a sus primeras altas de cara al Apertura 2022.

In a conference held by Princess Leopoldo Silva, President of the Joint Directory of Pumas and Miguel Mejía Barón, the vice president, who died at the behest of Gil Alcalá, the giants of Gil Alre.

One of the first in a conversation with Doctor Miguel Mejía Barón, who aggravates the futbolists for their decision to read the Pumas or quiz who would be happy to be at the Pedregor Institute.

“Consciousness that will be happy here, because it is a great institution”, commented the directive auriazul and that various variations tempered to equipo.

Since it is possible to achieve the potential for seeing Pumas, the only objection is the campaign. Find a great tool like the Pumas is the biggest motivation that you can encounter in the actuality

Adrián Aldrete, Defensa Pumas

One of the footballers in the affiliation is more than the Argentine Gustavo Del Peter, who like a flamboyant goleader and he spends a lot of time with his compatriot Juan Ignacio Dinenvécita.

“Ojalá que pueda hacer goles para ayudar al equipo, lo principal es adaptarme, estoy muy ilusionado, la verdad que me receibieron muy bien todos y ojalá que las cosas salgan de la mejor manera”, commented the Estero de el equipo de la Platadel de la mejor manera.

The crack pamper reconciles that “there is a needle inside the canvas and sacrifice. This is not negativity. Actitud and y 100 el ciento no se pueden negociar. Jugamos juntos con Juan (Dinenno) en el amistoso (contra Tlaxcala). This is a great goleador. Make it easy for them to come up with something out of the ordinary and say that the equip gane, that is the principal always, for what is in the principal places. Hay que ir paso a paso, con humildad. The main thing is trading in equipo. Nunca lo individual puede superar a lo collectiveo “.

This much aggravates the great opportunity that I have for Pumas. We will come because we want and we need and we want to give my best version so that these things can be funky and, when I take part in it, make the best manera

Gil Alcalá, Portero Pumas

The President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Leopoldo Silva, knows that the importance of the jugadars to their plants and the fact that one of their designs is that the equipo regresses the ingenuity of the ligula and the vulture on a peacock.

“This incorporation is the product of the analysis that this is the technical technique of Pumas. Ya lo decía el Doctor, about all the technology Andrés Lillini fue sugiriendo, el que inclusu platikó with some of the antes of their incompatibility, no matter what. Disagree with the idea that there is a lot of ambiguity in the club, ”he said, referring to the preconceived notion that he took the cabo at the Ciudad Universitaria.

Uno de las contrataciones more las Pumas en el atual mercado de fichajes de verano fue la incorporación de César Huerta, quien llegó proveniente de las Chivas y jugó muy poco en el conjunto del rebaño.

The Chino knows that there will be a lot of fun, but you will also feel safe and confident enough to look for the auger that will give you the opportunity to take a moment.

“Let’s talk about the cancha and me toca ahora demostar. I encounter a group of young, varied with gente de experiencia y me han recibido de la mejor manera. Beyonc y and I have always felt part of my time. Cuquier jugador que venga a Pumas se illusiona. y el horario en el que juega Pumas es una ventaja que tenemos que sacar y tenemos que estar muy bien preparados ”, destacó.