Ven en SRE oportunidad de avanzar contra armeros

The Legal Adviser to the Secretariat for External Relations, Alejandro Celorio, stated that in the lawsuit against the state armies, there are negligent commercial practices that facilitate the trafficking of armies and their exports, by allowing them to be judged, ” less powerful power “.

In an interview with La Razón Recall that in the case of Mexico this is a litigation, no one is going to resolve the insecurity situation that our country is living in because these companies are trying to facilitate the illicit traffic, because they have a good number of arm territory.

How long will it take to extend the legal framework of what has been said and what is specifically referred to in this expression? Powder as an example, since one part is an attack of what is defended and vice versa, from which it is now, we will present the request with very few foundations in which we consider its negligent practices that we will soon challenge . Now we have another opportunity to attack the 31st of January and the companies can take place on or before the 28th of February, in this exchange of arguments and counter-arguments what we ask is that the litigation and we will have a new one. On the other hand, the companies that demand what they hold are the litigation to avoid being continuous, it is clear that what we do not need to go to the evidence production stage, where we get to say, the powder in the information companies regarding its commercial practices, its marketing and advertising decisions, monitoring transparency mechanisms, discipline, its commercial path, all of which we signal when we consider that its facility facilities arm commerce in export.

Respect for the arguments of the armies, what possibilities does Mexico have to advance and win this case? It seems that once we have prepared the request we have many opportunities to advance, it is an exchange of legal arguments; has a part that I realize that it is very important that we have a different angel to other litigations in the United States, who are asking for data that suceden will leave his territory. Entones, deci that the lei otorga immuniad tiene efektos fuera de Estados Unidos, pues seria interesting that he juez lo acceptara, pero eso depenge también de cuan quantum acerquemos y del conacimiento de tenacional de derecho.

(If there is a demand against arms) the benefit is that we tend to have arms entering Mexico from the illicit manner of the United States; the crime organized tendría minor power of fugue

Legal Adviser to the Secretariat of External Relations, Alejandro Celorio

In the scenario of what is the litigation What is involved in Mexico? Unfortunately, the demand is not there to resolve the insecurity situation that our country is living on, because of the fact that when it comes to companies and firms to facilitate traffic, there is a good number of arms in our territory.

What is the change in a positive way is that if we are to receive the middle million of armies, our security agencies, Army Forces, National Guard can have the best capabilities to respond to the commissions of delinquency, mines, us.

Does it matter what demand this is for relations between Mexico and the United States? No matter, there is a very large transcendence on the theme and on the novel, but in the end it is a very basic litigation. Does not have to be with the second second, nor with the governor of the United States; entonces ingen debe de haber mayor problema. We take the opportunity to reach out to our courts to deal with detainees.

If there is a demand, what are the obligations of the companies? The benefit is that we tend to have fewer arms entering Mexico from the United States; the organized crime tend to be less powerful, so we are allowed to carry out investigations and arrests in a more secure manner. In addition, it obliges companies to change their commercial practices; to facilitate traffic traffic; that available resources for illicit traffic prevention campaigns; tendrian to train in all his distribution and sale chain of arms so that sepan can avoid or prevent the purchase of performance numbers and multiple sales. Technology included in its products to avoid being easily trafficked; some disposition so that only the owner can make use of it and thus avoid the transfer, that the purchase includes legally and then, the pass to a person who can not possess.


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