Venture funding in Europe is declining faster than in the US – but causing far less panic – Meczyki.Net

When Venture Funding While globally began to decline in the first quarter, Europe initially looked like an outlier. The sector posted strong Q1 numbers and was one of the few markets to see quarterly growth late last year. But since the market reached its peak in January – at least for now – funding to Europe has actually declined at a faster rate than other regions.

The decline in Europe’s venture capital was initially bogged down by its own numbers. Pullbacks were hidden in Q1 totals this January, due to a particularly strong funding environment in the region. The pace of decline was remarkable, with the sector seeing investments of $13 billion in January, $9.3 billion in February and $8.9 billion in March, according to data from Crunchbase.

The slowdown in Q2 with April funding totals declined 16.7 percent from March to $7.8 billion and May to $6.5 billion from April. Based on the data for the first two months of the second quarter, the decline is likely to continue in June.