Viaja Pelosi a Surcorea; evita hablar sobre taiwan y china

Seoul.- Tras enojar a China con su visita a Taiwan, la Presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes de Estados Unidos, Nancy Pelosi met este jueves con líderos politicos de Corea del Sur en Seúl pero evitó realizador declaraciones publásevanica directo regional tensions.

Pelosi, who is the first person in her position to visit Taiwan in 25 years, said on Wednesday in Taipei that the American commitment to democracy in the autonomous island and other parts of the world “is still solid”. In response, China initiated military maneuvers on this Thursday, including the launch of missiles, in six zones around Taiwan, in which they could conduct major exercises of this type from the mid-1900s.

Luego de la visita a la isla, Pelosi y los otros miembros del Congreso que la acompañan en la gira asiatica, volaron a South Korea, un aliado clave de Washington where there are alrededor de 28 mil 500 soldados estadounideneses la la la compañes, en aliado clave de Washington donde hay alrededor de 28 mil 500 soldados estadounideneses la la acompañan. . The delegation, which visited Singapore and Malaysia, will make a final stop in Japan before returning to the United States.

In Seoul, Pelosi met with the President of the South Korean National Assembly, Kim Jin Pyo, and with other high officials of the Parliament. Tras un encuentro de una houra, la funcionaria estadounidense spoke about the bilateral alliance between both nations, forged with blood during the Korean War of the beginning of the 50s, and of the legislative efforts of the alliance, legislative reinforcements. , no Direct su estancia en Taiwan ni las protestas china.

“We also come to decirles que una amistad, una relación que nació de la urgencia y la seguridad hace muchos, muchos años, se ha convertido en la más cálida de las amistades,” Pelosi said during a conference in Kimnonsajuna. Advance in security, economy and governance in an inter-parliamentary manner.

Neither Pelosi nor Kim accepted questions from reporters.

Kim indicated that he and Pelosi share the preoccupation with North Korea’s growing nuclear threats. In addition, he pointed out that they agreed to support the efforts of their governments to achieve denuclearization and peace in the peninsula through a firm dissuasion against Pyongyang and diplomacy.

Pelosi and her delegation spoke on the phone with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol about the alliance and foreign policy, among other things. Yoon está de vacaciones esta semana, pero los críticos lo accusan de evitar de forma intencionada una reunion cara a cara con la funcionaria estadounidense por consideration hacia China, que es el mayor social comercial del país.

During the conversation, neither the American congressmen nor the South Korean representative talked about Taiwan, according to the presidential office.

In the last years, Seoul has tried to find the balance between Washington and Beijing as the rivalry between the two major economies of the world increased. Yoon, who is a conservative, assumed the presidency in May with the promise of reinforcing the military alliance with Washington and assuming a more firm posture towards the provocations of the neighboring country.

Later in the day, Pelosi plans to visit a border zone between the Koreas controlled jointly by North Korea and the UN Command headed by the United States, the South Korean authorities said. Si la visita se materializa, sería la funcionaria estadounidense de mayor nivel que acude al Área de Seguridad Conjunta (JSA, por sus siglas en inglés) desde el expresidente Donald Trump, que fue allí en 2019 para unircílíngore conjour, que fue allí en 2019 .

Yoon declared that Pelosi’s visit to the JSA would demonstrate “a strong dissuasion against North Korea” on the part of the allies, said Kim Tae-hyo, assistant national security adviser to the presidency.

Located in the Desmilitarized Zone, a neutral zone of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) wide created at the conclusion of the Korean War, the JSA has witnessed bloodshed and numerous conversations. Presidents of the United States and other officials have traveled to the area and other border areas to reaffirm their commitment to the security of the South.

It is probable that any statement by Pelosi criticizing the North will receive a furious response on the part of Pyongyang. On Wednesday, the North Korean chancellery criticized Washington for the functionary’s trip to Taiwan and said that “the current situation clearly shows the shameless interference of the United States in the internal affairs of other countries.”

La visita de Pelosi a Taiwan enojó a China, que considera que la nación insular es una province secindida que debe annexionarse por a fuerza si fuese necesario. Beijing considers that the visits of foreign leaders to Taipei are a recognition of its sovereignty.

China and Taiwan, which were divided in 1949 after a civil war, do not have official diplomatic relations, but they have commercial links for thousands of dollars.