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By 2029, the state of Coahuila may have its first female governor, according to the chairman of the state congressional board, Deputy Eduardo Olmos Castro, who stated that the discussion is being prepared in the Legislative Assembly on the gender equality initiative in publicly elected posts and local administrations in the unit.

He noted that if approved, Coahuila would be at the forefront of gender equality, as the municipal administrations and the state itself would need to enter into a dynamic of parity in the number of people holding key positions in state structures; He was also clear on the issue of the person who will lead the presidency of the governorship in the coming years, who by 2029 must be a woman and thanks to the bill that would force the parties not to propose more than one opportunity for male candidates.

When it comes to governorship, it is an initiative that says that no matter what gender comes in this election (2023), it must be the opposite sex for the next (2029), if there is a woman in this must be a man in the next choice. What follows, if he is a man in this, he can be a woman in what follows … The initiative in gender issues was presented by PRI deputies, by all PRI deputies who we also join PRI deputies., agreed with the other parliamentary deputies, with Morena, with National Action, with the UDC, as well as with Green ‘.

Olmos Castro said that the political equality initiative will provide space for the unit has a law that promotes respect for equal political opportunities between men and women, so that governments can be governed at all levels by the same number of women as men.

He also recalled the case of Coahuila’s current Legislative Assembly, which without having yet approved the said law has consisted of 60 percent of deputies and it has laid the groundwork for making this paradigm shift official.

“It also has to do with the number of judges, it has to do with the number of judges, so that we gradually have parity, half and half, it affects the government’s orders, the boards of the decentralized bodies, the number of directors, the number of people made up of them. .. As for the governorship, he is talking about a different scheme for parity, about the electable parity, once we can guarantee that one gender will be governor in the next election, we must guarantee that in the next election it can be the other gender that can gain access ”.


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