Vicente Fox exploded against AMLO before the MHOKAáN program welfare.

Former President Saint Fox. Exploded against Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador. After announcing that he will pay the commission. Alfredo Ramirez Bedola., Governor of Michoacán, Run Q4 Social program In this case. According to the former chief executive, this is an exercise in blurring, because “Time” , He was in charge of reviewing the distribution of public resources. Congress, independent organizations and international organizations..

“How convincing. How quadratic. How blurry. In my time all the programs were confirmed: Congress, by independent organizations, by international organizations. Weight for weight, person for person !!”, Pan wrote.

For its part, The President reaffirmed his commitment to the people of Suspect. And Ramirez Bedola represented the organization. “We have decided to stay at the heart of Michoacán to show our support for the people of Michoacán, and are going to take further steps for the benefit of the people of Michoacán.” he replied.

“We are going to allow him to coordinate all the measures for the welfare of the people, to inform the elderly about pensions. This welfare secretary already knows. The same benefits for children, youth and more.” He is going to work in the Youth Building the Future program. We will continue to keep criminal gangs away from the youth. Tabasco added.

Saint Fox. Has been featured as one of the biggest critics of President Lopez Obrador..

(With info from infobae)


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