(VIDEO) Male golfer to swipe in New York subway to get rid of his ball

Un asalto en el New York subway, United States, cause preoccupation debited to that one mujer fue brutalmente golpeada.

El video should see a woman waiting for the train at Herald Square station in Manhattan, coming soon un hombre llega por la espalda and commenza sujetarla del cuello para arrastrarla unos quantum pasos.

To try to defend, the most powerful force with the asaltante; synd embargo, fast termina el piso mientras trata de aferrarse a su bolsa. Ante the situation, the man began to golpearla in the cabeza.

After the incident, it happened around 04:00 hours of this month, the lad finally huyó con la pertencenas de la mujer. For what is currently being tested and the Department of Police New York offer a compensation of sixty miles 500 dollars who helped with his location.

Asimismo, the police shared a video captured by the security cameras in which they are at ladrón ingresar al metro burlando los torniquetes.

Agreed with local media, the user of the subway that suffers the aggression has 23 years and received medical attention at Lenox Hill HealthPlex Hospital.



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