View changes in exodus; ahora saldrán de estados del norte

Depotadas aseguraron que fenómeno migrante est cambiar, pue ahora las caravanas ya no saldrán des de la Mexicoeo, sino de los estados del norte, debsdo a las retriciones y conten.

In the con لا رزونThe secret of Asuntos Migratorios of the Camera of the Deputies, Olga Chávez, reveals that the phenomenon that accompanies the verse in Mexico is that caravanas treat salir of Chiapas, but no avanzarán muchos, but not avanzar el comimenza del norte comenzarán caravanas rumbo a la zona fronteriza, para tratar de llegar a Estados Unidos.

The migrants are preferred Coahuila to join the United States of America because of the delays of Tijuana or Laredo, because sometimes they are even more confused because of the creamy organized organization.

Olga Chavez
Depotada de Morena

“The situation for the migrants is very fuerte, pues, for a lado, trying to salvage the Chiapas, even the contingency of the deja ya, for the other, to make caravans from Monterrey to try to find a foot with the frontier, debito a that even those who are allowed to do so are entity ”, explicitly.

The deputy of Morena said that the authorities in the North are looking for the possibility of the migrants, because the President Andrés Manuel López obrador the United States of America from the point of view of analogy.

“The migrants are preferred Coahuila to join the United States, because they want to see Tijuana or Laredo, because sometimes they are even more worried because of the creamy organized organization”, he asserted.

We never know that we would expect the migrants to be regulators and there is a promise included in the 4 million units of the United States for the migrants.

Alma Gracelda Valencia
Depotada de Morena

The secret was announced that in the month of 2022, a million 0,951 migrants passed through the territory of Mexico, hacked the United States, and were killed, killed and maimed by the passing of his records.

Because apart from the integration of the Commission, Alma Griselda of Valencia Medina, there are 130 million migrants who hope to escape the entity, apart from the grave situation that is passing the extras of the grave. .

“The migration is not aggravating us without recursions, because the states do not agree with us to give to the gente that va lingando, hay a fuerte crisis in the el and in the norte, but the states are united, not secure, but the states are united. recursos ”, detalló.

Considering that the United States does not have an exit to the Gobierno of Mexico more frequently for the sake of migratory content this condiment can be approved by the caravan

Juan Manuel Aguilar
Investigative case

The legislation of Morena asveró who seeks the manera de ayudar to the migrant varados en Monterrey, pus la mayoría de ellos quiere llegar a Estados Unidos a buscar trabajos, pero aclaró que otros desean quedarse en féceruro parayerest.

“I don’t know if we would expect the migrants to be regulators and have a promise to join the United States of America’s millions of pesos for the migrants, but we don’t have them.” aseveró.

The Internationalist and Integrator of the Collective Analysis of the Security with Democracy (Casede), Juan Manuel Aguilar, manifested that he had an attempt to develop the politics of the United States and Mexico for the sake of the United States and Mexico. But it did not result in the politicization of any part of Central America.

“Considering that the United States has no interest in the Governorate of Mexico, even the most aggressive for the sake of migration this condi- tion can be approved by the caravans,” he said.

The result is that Honduras is an instant in its politics and no one consolidates a very effective decision since it has 12 goals and different goals from the state. In the case of El Salvador the expert commented that there is a context of the guerrilla against the pendulums and a political mano between the Mara Salvatrucha.