Vince Russo praised Sean Michaels.

With decades of experience in the wrestling industry, the former. WWE Headwriter Vince Russo Worked with several top stars. He believes that. Sean Michaels Was the best of them.

Talking to Andrew Donnelly. Wrestle Buddy., Vince Rousseau shared his views on various topics. He faced a choice of better actor between Sean Michaels and Bret Hart.

What he had to say about the importance of writing for such talent.

“Sean Michael was the greatest actor I’ve ever worked with … It’s great, brother, your writing game has to be up here because if your writing game isn’t here, brother, you You are about to bring down this talent.

However, when asked who is better. “As a person” Of the two, Rousseau chose Bret Hart. You can see Vince Rousseau discussing topics that vary from attitude to AEW.

Vince Russo was the WWE Head Writer in the Attitude Era.

Vince Rousseau was the WWE Head Writer from 1997 to 1999. They are credited with thinking of some memorable angles at the beginning of the Behavior Era. Rousseau then came up with ideas for various top stars. During his time, WWE RAW outperformed WCW Nitro in Monday night’s battles.

However, Rousseau left WWE and joined WCW. He worked until 2000. Later in 2002, Rousseau was brought into the WWE as a consultant. Within two weeks, Rousseau left and moved to the newly formed TNA (now Effect), where he spent almost a decade.

Vince Russo is currently reviewing WWE RAW on the weekly Sportscada Wrestling YouTube channel. You can watch the latest episode of Legion of Raw here:

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Vince Rousseau clarified his comments on the Austin Theory. right here.


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