Walsall residents ‘deserve the trust of the hospital that puts them first’ – MP

Walsall residents “deserve an NHS trust whose leadership is fully committed,” an angry MP said. Care is being underestimated. Valerie Vaz, MP for Walsall South, claimed that “the Walsall Trust’s sovereignty is being undermined.”

The trust has rejected claims by Labor MPs to reduce its focus on Walsall, which it had raised in Parliament with Health Secretary Sajid Javed. The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Walsall Healthcare Trust, which operates New Cross and Walsall Manor Hospitals, respectively, have developed increasingly close ties over the past few years, until they now share the same chief executive and board chair. Do

Ms. Vaz believes that the lines between the two trusts are becoming increasingly blurred, and what she likened to a stealth takeover from Wolverhampton means that they are now separated only by name, because He feared Walsall was in danger of being overshadowed by his big-city neighbor. A few miles down the road. Despite sharing a chief executive and board chair, the owners pointed out that the two trusts still have their own boards and operate separately in other areas.

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Walsall Munawar has also been one of the consistently performing hospitals in the region over the past two years. It was revealed last week that ambulances from all over the West Midlands are being diverted there as it is moving faster than its neighbors amid the ambulance crisis in the region.

The trusts also say that working closely has increased the number of permanent staff and improved patient care. The Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust comes after a turbulent period following the arrival of chief executive David Luton and chairman Steve Field from Wolverhampton last year.

Senior figures were questioned and cleared after “serious allegations” were made about his behavior by the City Blowers. Ms. Vaz said in the Commons this week: “Can he (Mr. Javed) review why Walsall Munawar should not have its own chief executive? The joint chair and CEO have pushed for changes in governance so that Only half of the Walsall Trust Board meets regularly, and Walsall is no longer focusing on long-term healthcare strategies. The Walsall Trust’s autonomy is being undermined.

Valerie Vaz of Labor

The co-CEO was the only person considered for the position. My constituency deserves the trust of the NHS with its fully committed leadership for Walsall, not just half of its time focusing on other areas. Health and social care providers need a leader who has the sole responsibility. Better outcomes for patients here. “

Following Mr Javed’s promise to “take another look” at the administrative situation, Ms Vaz added: “I am glad that the Secretary of State will look into these issues again. To find an independent chief executive in Walsall. There is a lot of potential for. We will fight for the manor. “

A spokesman for both trusts defended the structure, saying: “In 2020, the two trust boards of Walsall Healthcare NHS and The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust discussed strengthening their existing collaboration and working together. Agreed to start: was a key component. Royal Wolverhampton Chief Executive of NHS Trust joined Walsall Healthcare on an interim basis in April 2021 and was an integral part of the joint commitment between the two organizations. ۔

“In March 2022, following a recount committee of the Walsall Healthcare Trust Board and in accordance with HR and legal advice, Professor Luton was appointed Permanent Chief Executive of the Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. Chair and newly appointed non-executive directors. The recruitment of (NEDs) followed a strong NHS governance process to recruit and appoint non-executive board members.

Walsall Healthcare has two joint non-executive directors with Wolverhampton; however, it also has six NEDs who only sit on the Walsall board and have no joint office. The two trusts are legally separate with their respective boards. Institutions will continue to be formed. “

Last year, NHS England and Improvement (NHSE / I) investigators interviewed members of the Walsall Trust Board and stated that “there is a real sense in the way the interim CEO (Mr Lafton) managed the organization It was not done well and it upset some people. On the trust “, but that” significant change in the membership of the trust board “” reduced the initial tension “. As a result, the NHSE / I stated that it is now satisfied with the way the trust is being run.

Commenting on the investigation in February, Mr Field said: “This has been a very difficult time for everyone. The culture is far more open and honest and I am very pleased with this development.

“I’m really proud to be chairman of the trust in Walsall. It was difficult when I took office, but I really like it.”

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