¿Wamos a seguir achicharrándonos? Asa ha aumentado el calor en el planeta – Meczyki

An earlier article published in 2003 on the subject Great calories que hacía, y eso que todavía no había llegado la Intense ola de calories que sufrió europa días después. The title of the article: ‘Nos vamos a Achicharrar’. So much so that it is not very sensitive, but it is very illustrative of the situation.

El Sexto Information of the Interguberical Group of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC, for its siglas in English), since it has presented the corresponding documents to the three groups of transactions, respectfully from earlier 2021, February 2022 and April 2022, eliminating any qualifiers from April 2022 provoked by human expectation.

A world that has more caliber

لا The actual human civilization has been reduced to a part of the vapor search. to provide accessible energy and energy, so that it fits Civilization of the details of combustibles, which has led to an exponential exposure to human behavior and the development of cities. Peru generating a grave externalidad como es la emisión de CO₂ and other invertebrate gases (GEIs), which have provoked the actual climatic change, generating the present climatic conditions.

The world is more than that And the sergeant long ago told us about the GEI or the emirates or the seguimos emitting the offer of reductions.

This is from May 2022 onwards Point concentration of 421 ppm of CO₂. The situation is critical, which is why the GEI emits the 48 because it is in the atmosphere. The rest is just absorbed by the oceans and the terrestrial superficial. The calorie retarded, in the atmosphere alone it has accumulated 1 per cent. The 99 per cent of the rest will be distributed among the occupants (89 per cent), the crossover (4 per cent) and the superficial terrestrial of the 6 per cent of the rest.

The climax will be more cild and extreme

The increasing global media of temperatures or 1.1. Report Global annual climate update de la Organizational Meteorológica Mundial Constant que aumento de las temperaturas continuará en los próximos años. We don’t have GEI missions, the climax will be much faster and more intense.

The probabilities of the global calamity surpassing the 1.5 ℃ –lumite of the Accordo de París – eran casi nulas en 2015, and since the entity does not show aumantar. For the period between 2017 and 2021, there is a probability of 10 per cent, which means that for the period 2022 to 2026, there will be 50 per cent.

“This value of 1.5 ℃ is not a chiffra aleatoria, which indicates the point at which the effects of the climax will be more than just perceptions for individuals, but for all planets”, refine the information.

¿What is the socioeconomic model?

This situation is present, evonuciona de manera exponencial y urgent responseClimate change is not an excuse.

Since the newcomers of the XX XX or hem we have passed a generation. Let’s meet the missions –Cosa que no estamos haciendo– y procedir a adaptarnos a la nueva situación.

But the adaptive response is present as a plant adaptation based adaptation Qué hacer para seguir con el mismo modelo socioeconómicothat recovers positivist negatives explicit or implicit, with interest credos and de Green washing (blankamiento verde).

Frente a ese planteamiento, urge an adaptive response that can actually repeat and correct the actual socioeconomic transformation into a truly sustainable model.

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The article was written by José María Baldasano Recio, Emeritus Emergency Engineer, Catalunya University of Politics – BarcelonaTech.

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