Wanted: Police released a list of the ten most notorious robbery suspects in the capital.


He Matt has issued an appeal for the arrest of London’s top ten most wanted robbers, warning them that “we will not stop hunting you down until you are arrested”.

Scotland Yard released ten photos on Thursday, urging the public to move forward so that they can face justice.

Additional police have been dispatched to the spot to reduce the number of robberies.

As of May 31, the robbery was the biggest contributor to youth violence in London, with knives accounting for 24% of all robberies.

However, robberies dropped by 39%, with 16,440 less affected.

Violent Crime Task Force Detective Chief Superintendent Lee Hill said: “Over the summer, we have stepped up our efforts to crack down on robberies and arrest people so that they can be brought to justice.

“These criminals have created fear and they think it is right to steal from our communities. It is our priority to arrest them to prevent further harm. The effects of robbery can be long lasting and devastating to the victim.” What can be the effect, which often loses control completely.

“These 10 people have been involved in some violent and horrific attacks. My message is clear – we will not stop searching for you until you are arrested. Do the right thing and hand yourself over to your nearest police station and You can start turning your life around. You will not always escape justice.

“At Met we are working hard to deal with robberies. Dedicated, active units are working to find criminals across London. We are concentrating our resources on hotspot areas and our officers. Putting them where they need them most.

“We routinely investigate arrests to find the remaining culprits, but we also need the help of the public. If you know where any of these criminals are, or when you are out and close. If so, please let us know as soon as possible. “

Matt released the following information about the suspects:

• Jamie Reese Bagnal, 23, who last resided in Wickford, Essex, is wanted for armed robbery in Chadwell Heath in October 2021. He was part of a group armed with knives that threw acid on the victim’s face, kicked and punched her and stole her watch.

• Iosif Marius Amarandei, 22, who last lived in Basildon, Essex, is wanted for three robberies in the summer of 2021 at Herald Hill, Dagenham and Romford. On all three occasions he arranged to meet the victim to buy a car, then he robbed her of cash and valuables. At one point, he pointed a gun at the victim’s face. He is also known for his knives.

• Benjamin Cosman Borus, 33, who last lived in Kingsbury, is wanted in October 2021 for a violent robbery at Edgeware. He beat the victim and snatched her purse, mobile, keys and van.

Musk Daniel Bloomfield, 32, who last lived in Camberwell, is wanted in connection with a February 2020 robbery in Marylebone. The victim was attacked by a group who threatened him and snatched his Canada Goose jacket, air pods, cash and phone.

• Joshua Clark, 32, who last lived in Westminster, was wanted for a robbery in Kansel Town in August 2021. He befriended the victim and then punched and kicked her for stealing a 50 750 mobile phone and wallet.

* Suwaih Ahmed Suwaila, 23, who last lived in Rumford, was wanted in September 2021 for an armed robbery in Alford. He placed a knife around the victim’s neck and snatched her pedal bicycle.

• Jason Ayasara, 44, who last lived in Sutton, was wanted in April 2020 for armed robbery inside a food store in Fulham Broadway. He used force to steal items from the shop, but when a staff member tried to detain him, Ayasara attacked him.

* Mason Bradley Luxon, 24, who last lived in Rumford, is wanted in November 2019 for armed robbery in Rumford. The three men approached the victim with knives and demanded that she hand over her property.

Ayman Ghazwini, 22, who last lived in Ealing, is wanted in three violent robberies. In a Kensington hotel in February 2022, he stabbed the victim and forced her to transfer cryptocurrency. He returned to Bitcoin and another jewelry store in St. John’s Wood in 2022. In November 2018, he also robbed a victim at Knife Point in St. John’s Wood for cash. He is also wanted in prison for violating the terms of his license.

If you see a call, call 101 or dial 999 or if it’s an emergency. Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to remain anonymous.