Was this the last wave of cowardice?

New York After a brutal increase in summer due to the highly contagious delta type, the corona virus has receded once again.

The United States is seeing about 90,000 new infections a day, more than 40% since August. Hospital admissions and deaths are also declining.

The crisis is not over everywhere, the situation in Alaska is particularly worrying, but nationally, the trend is clear and hopes are growing that the worst is finally over.


In the last year and a half, the plague has hit the country with waves, flooded hospitals and then retreated, only after the Americans let their protectors down.

It is difficult to separate the reasons why the virus spreads and flows in this way, and it is even more difficult to predict the future.

But as winter approaches, there are real reasons for hope. About 70% of adults are fully vaccinated, and many children under the age of 12 are eligible to be vaccinated within weeks. Federal regulators may soon allow the first antiviral pill for Covid 19.

But the epidemic is not over, scientists warn. About 2,000 Americans die every day, and another increase in winter is understandable. “Given the number of Americans living without immunizations, it’s too early to abandon basic precautions,” he said.


Author: Meczyki

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