We have learned not to judge gender, religion, race or sexuality. Now we have to stop judging people on the basis of their views

Do you worry too much about the culture wars? I have to admit, I do. I worry for my children and all of our future, when I see such a terrible divide online; This kind of hate and abuse is being done by people. The tendency – perhaps because we are so distant from each other on these platforms – is to insult, ridicule, even threaten. it’s dangerous. This leads to anger, conflict, hatred and potentially violence. It seems almost inaccessible – is there any way to get back from here?

ell, yes, I think there is. We can go a long way toward making things better if we just start teaching one very simple principle – just because someone has a different opinion than you, doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person. Huh.

Because that’s what online debate is all about. The belief that anyone who disagrees with you or your politics, your morals, or your worldview is a bad person, and so you can say terrible things about them, you can demonize them. In fact, there is very little you can’t do or say about them and still decide to be on the right side. Besides the incredible pride in that attitude, it’s also deeply flawed. The truth is, no one is bad, not even people who fundamentally disagree with you. And no one is good – not even you.

If we ask people to accept the simple truth that people who disagree with things we hold personally dear are also entitled to their opinion, then a lot of heat and hatred will pour out of these culture debates. .

Instead, we see posted comments like “any family member who voted for Trump will disapprove” or “kill all TERFS.” Or a smattering of other ridiculous stands about people we don’t see with our eyes. Is it because, as digital natives, the younger generation is literally now moving into another world – the Internet – that is still aboriginal and semi-lawless?

We have come to a point where a large number of people believe that everything except opinion is non-binary. It is still seen as right or wrong. black or white. good or bad.

We’ve learned right over time Do not judge people on the basis of their gender, religion, race or sexuality. Now, we have to learn to go one further and stop judging people because their worldview is not like ours.

We should try to remember that in reality people are mostly good. They have a great capacity for love, kindness and self-sacrifice. And remembering that people, even our political adversaries, are swayed by their upbringing, their education, their life experiences, their culture, and their age. They don’t come to their posts because they are bad people.

Being able to see the good in others, even those you disagree with, is a wonderful thing. It makes us better human beings. But it also bypasses the notion that we need to fight or hate everyone with whom we don’t agree.

Unless we start recognizing it sooner, we are on a slippery slope. There isn’t only one acceptable way of thinking and only your opinion doesn’t matter. If you want to live in a liberal democracy, you have to respect the principles that underpin it. Controlling thoughts – or worse, thoughts – isn’t really possible, but neither is it desirable.

Autocracy is wrong and prevents society from developing, no matter who is in charge of it.

a second opinion

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